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Why rape may not end soon in Nigeria

Mumtaz0012 06/29/2020


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The habit of raping in Nigeria has been in existence for years. Both gender are victims of this catalyst but the ratio of female gender being trapped in this heinous act is extremely higher than that of male counterpart. 

Many years ago, the matured and grown up ladies were victims of rape where many have counted it as part of punishment infringed on them by men or a friend who just want to dismantle their womanhood. 

Just of recent, girl child below a year-old are now victims of these perpetrators in Nigeria. There was a report of one Uniben student named Uwa who was rapped and killed in a church in Edo State. Also, a case of one University of Ibadan student who was rapped in and murdered. 

Children below age of 10 were raped but no proper judgement nor punishment was given to the perpetrators. This is however igniting those who have this same mindset to peaceful carry out their evils on these innocent helpless victims. 

The catastrophe of this insanity is that perpetrators don't rape alone but they murder their victims. This is calling for all governments bureaus to facilitate effort to stop this inhuman act in our society. 

Nigerian viewed that nothing will be done to curb this entrapment in the country since it is yet to affect sacred cow in the system. But in real sense, if any of the hierarchy politician daughter happens to be a victim of RAPE the whole Nigeria will see the bitterness as it been written in the constitution. 

Besides, rape is a devilish act that must be stopped by all means. Government should help its people to fight this by bringing perpetrators to book to serve as a lesson for others. 

Source: opera.com
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