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Between Hushpuppi and The Rogue Politicians

BolaOlalere 2d

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“Hushpuppi, Ramoni Abass is a disgrace to the Nigerian youths, a disgrace to his parents and a criminal, he should rot in prison”. Comments like this are flying round Nigerian internet space over the arrest of Ramoni Abass, popularly known as Hushpuppi. He was arrested in Dubai with 12 other members of his criminal gang. The police in Dubai said Hushpuppi has defrauded close to 2million people and made hundreds of million dollar.   

The 38-year-old Nigerian who relocated to Dubai about five years ago over what he called incessant harassment by the security agencies is answering question in related to what the Dubai police called the biggest internet scam of this time. He does not hide his greed and appetite for luxury. He flaunt his wealth and humbles other Nigeria youths who barely live.

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Someone once said behind a great fortune there must be a crime; you only need to choose your crime wisely. Hushpuppi choose cyber-crime and the rogue politicians choose politics. Apart from the flamboyant Senator Dino Melaye, many Nigerian politicians do not flaunt their wealth at least not online. They prefer to keep their ill-gotten loot in a bank far away from their hometown. They buy expensive shoes and wristwatches just like Hushpuppi but they do not display their own on the internet.

Hushpuppi and his gang defrauded close to 2million people in three years while our rogue politicians are defrauding 200 million people daily since 1960. Each year government come out with budget in trillions, but a look around our society did not show development that justifies the trillion spent every year- that is fraud. The Lagos Ibadan expressway has been under reconstruction for almost 20 years. I remember, it was Obasanjo who started the road and every succeeding administrations also have budget for the road and twenty years after the road is only about 50% completion.

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Some of the hundreds of billions of naira allocated for the road must have found their ways into Louis Vuitton stores around the world by our politicians and corrupt civil servants who are collaborating with the politicians to obtain us by trick, only that they will not announce it on the Instagram like the illiterate Hushpuppi.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti sings authority stealing pass-armed robbery, those in authority are also guilty of much fraud and sadly, many of them get away with it once they do not offend the wrong person or be in a wrong party. The former Governor of Abia state, who is still a serving Senator, just got out of the prison after spending less than 40 days because the people of Abia State are yet to prove to the court that he stole their money under his care as the state Governor for eight years.

Many helpless Abia citizens are busy online insulting Hushpuppi and calling him names, these same set of youths are the ones fighting themselves over rogue politician in APC and PDP.

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It was even very funny, when I watch Hushpuppi calling on the Nigerian youths to rise up against oppression from the SARS, the Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad which has become a torn in the flesh of internet fraudsters also known as yahoo boys in Nigeria.

Until the EFCC and other relevant authorities are independent in discharging their duties without fear and favour, the likes of Hushpuppi and our rogue politicians will always be having a safe haven in Nigeria.    


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AtisOgden · 08/2/2020
Your head dey dere.. Let pray, may Almighty God bring a leader like RAWLINGS of GHANA to do the needful in this country called Nigeria.Majority of our politicians are nothing but enemies of democracy and human race. Good people of Nigeria, CALM DOWN.. let all join hands for the prayer inrespect of your religion, tribes etc, Almighty God will surely take absolute control amen

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