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Women, Stop Doing This to Your Husband - This is Absolute Wickedness

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I learned about cases where couples check DNA and later find that the result does not suit that of the parent, which means somehow that something is fishy. I read online a few days ago about the tragedy of someone who is a mother old told him that his supposed 80yrs old father is not his biological father, and that he was now searching for a way to tell his presumed father the news but he didn't know how to tell it, so he wouldn't have to die from heart attack.

I wondered how I would react personally to such news because I will feel betrayed by the woman with whom I vowed to live the remainder of my life. Imagine your family and yourself preparing to travel abroad, performing a DNA test suddenly? Hmm…

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This is another example of Christophe J, who carried out the DNA test and revealed that for nearly two decades he was not the biological father of the three children in which he was nurturing.

The babies, Esther of 19 years old, Shirley of 17 years old and Stephen of 15 years, were born by the same mother who unfortunately died. After a stranger came up one day to claim that he was their biological father and challenged him to a DNA paternity test, Christopher, a successful, but retired architect, was required to know the truth about paternity .. Christopher was shocked by his life when the result demonstrated that a stranger was the true father of the children.The man and his late wife turned out to have engaged in the long-standing clandestine love affair raising the three children he wrongly believed to be his own.

My daily practice is while reading early in the day, I happen across a thread in which a physician reports how he performed a DNA test and the outcome of four kids was negative. The doctor now finds a way to undo the patient's bad news.

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In response to the first doctor, another doctor identified her ordeal and discovered that the outcome was negative. Ladies, why are your husbands disappointing? Why don't you just come out right away and not just add a permanent fatherhood signature to the guy because you completely know he isn't your children's biological father?

"Gbenshing" , "knacking" or "shinning the ponyor" is sweet but the result is bitter. I heard women telling each other that they would take the key to their tomb or else their marriage would end. In fact, how do you explain to your supplier that your husband does not have your children?

Someone said what if the lady was innocent and the boy was born?

The harsh truth is that it's easier for a guy to lie and get away with it than for a woman. I don't encourage the guy, but your partner's faithfulness is necessary to maintain health with your supplier.

As shown below, I was able to gather several reactions;

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Let me what you think in the comment.

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+234-81313***** · 07/1/2020
Absolutely nonsense, as long as the children were born by my wife, no Jupiter will come near my children. Try it and you will regret forever.
Kingtee_rex · 06/28/2020
One of the 'perks' of being a nympho! You're welcome!

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