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"I Struggled with this snake before I killed it" - See huge snake I killed in my compound today

Newsblog 06/24/2020


View pictures in App save up to 80% data. I was terrified when I saw this mighty snake in my compound today because it is so unusual for me to find a snake in my compound. I usually think that snakes can only be found in the zoo or in swampy areas but the snake I saw today in my compound proved to me that snakes can even be found in modern places.

Only God knows if it is the weather that's making them come to civilised areas because I usually don't get to see snakes not to talk of Killing snakes in my environment.

I'm saying a big thank you to God for not allowing the snake get to me or any of ny children. I got to find the devilish snake in my backyard and I struggled with the devilish snake till I killed it View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Do you think the snake came out because of the weather?. Or you think the snake was sent to harm me and family?

Share this photo with your family and friends to warn them to be careful against snakes because of the rainy weather.

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Top Comments
DaniellaCharles · 06/24/2020
huge snake ko, if you see huge snake can you withstand it?
Arikpo-AkitoyeOkoiAbai · 06/24/2020
snake for pepper soup ooh, how I wish I see you, if can sell it for me

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