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Major Breaking News in Nigeria This Morning, Sunday 28th of June, 2020

24active 06/28/2020

These are some latest and major headlines in Nigeria today Sunday, 28th June 2020.

4,625 graduates from various disciplines apply for Amotekun job in Osun state.

Indeed the rate of unemployment is rapidly increasing in Nigeria. More than four thousand polytechnic and university graduates applied for recruitment into Amotekun corps in Osun.

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The breakdown of the applicants revealed that, fifteen per cent have HND, Higher National Diploma, while twenty per cent have a degree from different disciplines. About 13,000 persons applied for the Amotekun corps in the state. Married men and single females also applied. Out of nine thousand male applicants more than eight thousand are married men, while out of four thousand females applicants more than two thousand are married women. Forty per cent of the applicants are secondary certificate holder, six per cent are primary school leaving certificate, ten per cent are diploma holder and five per cent possess the certificate of education.

2023 Election: I knew Buhari was deceiving Tinubu, says Afenifere chieftain, Adebanjo.

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Adebanjo, Afenifere chieftain stated that the national leader of the All progressives Congress (APC) was only deceiving the President, Muhammadu Buhari. He also said, the All Progressives Congress gathering as a gathering of incompatible people. He revealed that no one is ready to bind the party members together. There are indications of just sharing offices and power among them.

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A lot of commentators revealed the national executive committee All Progressives Congress is not only to resolved it's national working but to blow Tinubu. There are a lot of indications that the former governor of Lagos State, Tinubu wants to contest in the coming election that will take place in 2023. Tinubu is believed to be pro Adams Oshiomhole, the former national chairman.

Family of former Oyo Governor, Oyo Government clash over Ajimobi's burial site.

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According to Islam, the dead body is buried in the day the person or the next day. It is quite unfortunate that the former governor of Oyo state spend three days after his death and the family didn't burry him. A valid source close to the family declared that the burial had been postponed due to some limitations by the state government to the burial plans by the family. The current Oyo state governor didn't call any family member of Ajimobi family over the death.

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Top Comments
GUEST_LWxNRQ80D · 06/28/2020
If the story is true about Makinde's attitude, it's condemnable. I think political differences should not make the Governor to treat the dead like that, afterall Ajimobi was a former governor and should be accorded that respect. If Makinde behaved that way, it's very unfortunate bc it shows that he's not matured.
OlajideAjayi_04 · 06/28/2020
Oyo state and the family should please let the dead rest, there should be no conrolversy on dead of Ajumobi, family and the state government.
OluwatoyinYahaya · 06/28/2020

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