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Earn #60,000 Monthly from Any of these 5 Businesses you can Start from Home comfortably (DETAILS)

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We all wish to live a comfortable life by doing a business we believe can make us feel happy and better.

I'm sharing with you list of businesses you can start with a little capital and make almost 60,000 naira or more monthly from the comfort of your home. This is not an extra income but actually business I believe you can make millions overtime if you do it right and steady

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More people are exploring the possibilities of starting their own business from home to make a living. However, before you get started, the main thing you want to do is to get some basic market research, so that you can get a clear picture of everything before you start, in other to increase your chances of surviving.

5 lucrative businesses you can start right now from the comfort of your home:

1) Laundry Cleaning Services:

A lot of people don’t have time to wash their clothes or do some home cleaning. If you are available for cleaning and washing, trust me, you will make a lot of money from doing home cleaning service. If your backyard is big enough to accommodate clothes you can start immediately and make money for yourself.

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2) Mobile Horticulturist, popularly called Gardeners:

If you are very good in planting and cultivation, likewise you can differentiate between plants and flowers, this business is for you. The best thing about this business is that you can only start with everything you get right now.

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You can start gardening business with zero capital and you can make N50,000 to N270,000 monthly. You will start planting flowers or plants in a very small area around your home. It's advisable you treat the plants very well, before you know it, many people will patronize your business.

3) Mobile Food Business:

Nobody on earth can't do without food including animals and insects. Starting a mobile food business is quite cheap and it can be sold anywhere, in the streets, mall and market. The sweet of this is when properly prepared, its aroma and good look will attract customers to patronize you.

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4) Selling Cleaned Fairly Used Clothes:

Selling of jeans, t-shirts and shoes, are highly lucrative business anybody can venture into, you can as well add wristbands and necklace, etc, all you need is passion, creativity, and adequate marketing.

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5) Cardboard paper Production:

It can also be called a cardboard box. We have two types of cardboard box for packaging, heavy and light boxes for packaging, you can find the box's around cosmetic shops, pharmaceutical, fast food, supermarket, villa manufacturers, distillers, beverage companies, etc.

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If you are creative enough I bet you will surely make a lot of money from producing different types of cardboard boxes for various stores.

The listed above businesses thrives well in populated areas such as, market places, schools, shopping centres and commercial areas.

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Stay in Business don't dull!

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GUEST_q64k8LW3O · 07/2/2020
l love ur teaching. It's great n am blessed & learning seriously. Thanks a million o!.

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