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Coronavirus claims the life of another high-profile person in Nigeria. Still a hoax?

Tessco 06/26/2020

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It was reported some hours ago that Abiola Ajimobi, a former two-term governor of Oyo state had just died of an underlying health condition after contracting the coronavirus. His demise came just weeks after Adebayo Osinowo, a Nigerian Senator who represents the Lagos East Senatorial District was declared dead from the same virus.

Abiola Ajimobi is the current debuty national chairman of the All Progressive Congress political party (APC) before his death. He is aged 70 and was reported to have passed away in Lagos.

These are not the only high profile persons to have died in Nigeria since the coronavirus was first reported in the country, Abba Kyari the former chief of staff to Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari, is the highest-profile person to be taken by the virus that has now killed 549 persons in Nigeria.

Notice that I have only mentioned 3 out of 549 deaths, this is because they were among the very few that were made known to the public as a result of their status in the Nigerian politics and government.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Photos from the burial of former Nigeria's chief of staff to the president

A lot of Nigerians are saying they have seen no proof that showed that the numbers coming from the NCDC is true, but I want to ask such people, is announcement of the demise of these high profile men not proof enough or are you waiting for the virus to come to your doorstep before you believe? You shouldn't really expect the government or media to start disclosing the identify of each victim of the coronavirus, unless it is absolutely necessary.

According to the latest report by the NCDC, Nigeria has comfirmed a total of 22,614 cases since the first case, they have been able to discharge 7,822 but unfortunately 549 Nigerians have died from the virus.

I have been following their reports since the very beginning and I have noticed a steady increase in the number of comfirmed cases as the months progressed. It has grown from less than 100 to 500, 600 and sometimes over 700 comfirmed cases.

A huge percentage of Nigerians will tell you they know the virus is there but the numbers reported by NCDC is being exaggerated, and they have not seen any sick people around. When you tell them to go to a particular hospital and see for themselves, they will again tell you that once you report that you are sick, even if it is malaria, the NCDC will report it as coronavirus.

What the average Nigerian don't realise is how big Nigeria is and that nobody really cares about what happens to the average persons. Once an average person falls sick there is no publicity to it, you just become part of the number, you get a bed in the hospital and that's it. Unfortunately no media outlet will tell your story unless you are a high profile person as they know the news will sell.

This virus is very much present and wide spread in Nigeria at the moment and anyone can contract it. It has not been scientifically proven that anybody is immune to it, unless maybe you have survived a previous battle with the virus.

We must all have to adapt and go about our daily businesses or activities as if the virus is there (for some that don't believe), that is just the only way to reduce the rate at which this virus is rapidly spreading across Nigeria.

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Top Comments
OlusolaRajiSamba · 06/27/2020
God nos best pls prayer is the only way out God love Nigeria than every country I can prove it how can useless people's close all religious for the fear of one disease that can tackle with prayer Good is good all the time Nigeria government be wise pls God is the only way out love of money will only lead to quick death so we should all go back to religious
[email protected] · 06/27/2020
But was Ajimobi die today? the news of his dead break last week,but letar say it was take news now it is real why are we covering dead
GUEST_dx4qam2Vx · 06/26/2020
I used to doubt it's existence until Dan Foster died of it then I learnt my lesson.
+234-806942**** · 06/27/2020
Oh God, have mercy upon humanity and take away this plaque ijn amen. May his soul rest in perfect peace amen.

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