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Is there a bright future for Nigerians?

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Nigeria has been the best nation I had seen but the worst and most evil nation. I was born and brought up in Nigeria and I can clearly tell you a lot about my country.

Nigerians are in a lot of evil predicament. From series of deprivations and humiliation from our leaders to the stupidity of the citizens.

Nigerians are confused. The most confused set of people in the universe. We don't know what we want yet we act as though we know what we want. We don't know where we are going yet we profess an unrealistic future.

Each government comes with their reforms, manifestos and decrees. When this government comes,instead of them to continue where their predecessors stopped,they will begin their own process. We have no direction,no future and no better nation.

Until we begin to secure a good future for our generations to come,then things will be worst for them than it is to us. Migrating to another country is not enough because if you think you are wise and wealthy that the nation's standard does no affect you then I tell you that you are not wiser than God. One day you will have to come back to your neglected country and suffer same with others.

Marcus A. Eze had explained everything in his writing. He clearly stated how confused we are as we are being humiliated by evil and wicked leaders. He wrote, "To be an effective leader, one must have a solid knowledge base and it is unfortunate Nigerians have never elected leaders well equipped to manage the economy effectively. For instance, in the civilized world, it is common to hear a President is a product of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, or Oxford and in Nigeria we have U.I., A.B.U, and Unilag etc. But this has never been important even amongst educated Nigerian voters.

Amongst people that have been Presidents of Nigeria, only Nnamdi Azikiwe had college education worthy of note. In 1979, Shagari was elected over Obafemi Awolowo with sound, and impeccable credentials and solid managerial background. In 1993, Nigerians came near installing a chartered Accountant as President. In 1999, Nigerians elected Obasanjo (who was the first to voluntarily handed over power to civilians) over Harvard educated Olu Falae. He continued by stating,

"Public Safety and Insecurity:

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Nigeria is unsafe as there are many unsolved murders and crimes and the populace go indoors as early as 7pm. No city in Nigeria has an emergency response plan or even a public safety network. When there is a national disaster, the government is beaten hands down as government is usually unprepared. The National Police force is not catered for as they too have been paid their salaries late or denied years of promotion. Unfortunately, though the Police know who to blame, they turn the public into victims and exhort them till their blood is dry. How on earth can a hungry and deprived police guarantee a safe and secure environment? It took the Police to go on strike for the government to become sensitive and release money that is owed the suffering Police. Further, the organizers of the strike were punished because Government had no intentions of paying or promoting the policemen. WHAT A WICKED GENERATION OF LEADERS!

Unpaid Salaries

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In several states of Nigeria, workers are being owed salaries for over 7 months and in some cases for almost one year. In the face of resentment and indignation of the masses, some of these leaders have approached opinion leaders/molders- spiritual leaders to buy their conscience and remain quiet. A Bishop in Awka is reported to have rebuffed a state Governor who gave a large sum as donation to the church when schools were closed in his state and teachers and workers owed several months in salaries.


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Even the NBA in that state had to give the Governor an ultimatum to pay the salaries. Are these the kind of leaders Nigerians should be giving a second term? Refusal to pay salaries is a definite way of forcing people into starvation and struggle for survival. Our children are hawking water instead of being in school, the youth are taking to paid hit squads and armed robbery and the clever ones are taking to 419 – all these caused and induced by THIS WICKED GENERATION OF LEADERS!

How about the senior citizens? They too are being owed arrears of pension and in most cases their pension has not been realistically adjusted to inflation. WHAT A WICKED GENERATION OF LEADERS!

Lack of Healthcare/Hospitals and Influx of fake drugs

There is no medical care in Nigeria as most of the hospitals are ill equipped and have no drugs. Even where equipped the medical care is priced out of the reach of the common man. People of means can afford the National Hospital in Abuja or fly overseas while the rest end up consuming fake drugs and finally wasting away in prayer houses. Drug abuse is rampant in Nigeria as prescription drugs are dispensed over the counter to helpless patients. Medical care is necessarily expensive even in the U.S., Europe, Asia everywhere no wonder why countries have health insurance schemes.

Nigeria has had a national health insurance scheme on the drawing board for years without implementation. How can the scheme work without a national identifier? The national identity scheme could have filled the void, but Obasanjo instead of promoting the many vital uses of a national identifier in economic planning presented it as a voter registration tool. A section of the country has rejected the idea, and the real value of a national identifier lost because of ignorance on the part of government. What has the President learnt about national identifiers in his many travels? The national id scheme will for some time be resented even though the amount of money invested is colossal and perhaps absurd.

But there are Nigerians all over benefiting from the status quo. They postulate and pontificate over the internet and pages of newspapers offering meaningless excuses for Government’s ineffectiveness and wickedness. This group of Nigerians is often motivated by greed and selfishness borne out of either monetary gratification or tribal and ethnic sentiments.

Lack of Pipe borne water

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The taps are dry and water is now profitable business as water is sold in tankers just like gasoline. When the British left Nigeria to self-governance, they left the water pipes flowing with water. In some cases, there were pipe bursts due to water pressure. Today, the pipes, and taps are dry and people draw water from bacteria infested sources. If CNN talks about it, Government will issue denials and attack the CNN by name calling. Surprisingly, the Nigerian press gang up against the truth while the masses suffer. But behind the yards of our wealthy leaders are boreholes for clean water supply. WHAT A WICKED GENERATION OF LEADERS!

Unmotorable roads, No Electricity and Poor Communication

There is absolutely nothing new to write about Nigerian roads, electricity or communication. Those who care should travel to Nigeria and see how long a 30 minute drive takes on Nigerian roads. Our leaders surprisingly drive their Lexus and Mercedes on these roads, but the President was a Commander of Army Engineers. Where has his only pertinent experience been put to use since becoming President? What has happened to road construction and maintenance?


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Perhaps, the easiest job that our youths can get is to be hired in death squads or as political thugs. Only if the President could sit down and plan instead of combining his job with the tourism portfolio can we have hope for a future.

Ethnicity and Tribalism

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Nigeria is a diverse society just like the United States; different ethnicities, different races, different religions etc. Race relations have improved in the United States when compared to the past, and Nigeria most certainly is not doing badly. BUT this generation of leaders always plays down this progress and whip up ethnic sentiments whenever their political fortune is at stake. Nigerians elected Abiola and Kingigbe and both are Moslems –what does that tell us? Gani is Yoruba and Moslem, but why won’t this generation of leaders give him a chance? They are scared!

What matters should be who can provide the basic needs of human beings regardless of whether he is Hausa, igbo, Yoruba, edo, efik, ijaw, kanuri etc. Obasanjo is Yoruba but what has he done for the Yorubas that has any resemblance to what Awolowo did for them? At first Obasanjo started off fine by being elected without the support of his home base. If he had a great first term, he can repeat the feat and Nigeria does not need to go back to the era of tribal politics. If he failed the electorate, then for God’s sake, let the will of the people prevail.


What’s the big deal? Bill Clinton lied in the face of Americans, was impeached by the House of Reps but was not convicted by a Republican senate. Let Obasanjo’s record come to his rescue. Let democracy play out. Some commentators and Politicians are now whipping up tribal sentiments without even taking a look at the merits of the allegations. If he committed impeachable offences, should he be given a blank check because he is a southerner? Balarabe Musa was impeached in a politically volatile state and heavens did not fall. If we succumb to the blackmail of security threat, then Nigeria may as well remove the impeachment clause.

The impeachment process ought to continue even it has a likelihood of failure, but in the end a message would have been sent.

What Obasanjo should be doing is to line up his lawyers; with Timi the Law leading just like Clinton used Kendall . Nigerians would want to know the details of the allegations against the anti-corruption crusader. Or did he say he knows those behind this plan? Perhaps, it is time again to dig up the Oputa report who knows.

A shameless writer that goes by the name Reuben Abati in his recent write up showed his lack of tact and of strength of his conviction. He had earlier on masked himself under the guise of an Obasanjo basher to attract attention and gain more readership. His recent articles in support of Obasanjo clearly exposed his real intentions of seeking an office should there be a second term. Abati lambasted Okadigbo an Igbo with Presidential ambition who has nothing to do with the impeachment plan. Abati has always shown himself to be a cold blooded tribalist and Igbo hater.- and these are the kind of journalists that use newspaper space to support THIS WICKED GENERATION OF LEADERS!

These leaders are leaders with no conscience; no wonder why Gani named his party, NATIONAL CONSCIENCE PARTY.

All the ingredients necessary to trigger off a revolution are present in Nigeria . If a democratic process fails, then a revolution is inevitable. THIS WICKED GENERATION OF LEADERS includes most members of the senate, the House of Representatives and most of the State Governors and Executives and legislators. During the Abacha era, open trailers were rented and loaded with human beings who traveled 6-8 hours to support Abacha at the Abuja rally- they were paid 2000 naira each. The same could be done for Obasanjo.

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Rather than answer to the serious allegations against him, the President is busy creating imaginary enemies, bribing Governors and legislators to stall the impeachment move. If he has all that money, why is he not paying pensioners and using the money to better the welfare of the armed services the Police? WHAT A WICKED PRESIDENT!

Since when did impeachment become treason? Nigerian Politicians are either jokers or insane. The way the President is behaving shows he has something substantial to hide. Everything is blamed on retired Generals and Obasanjo is simply one of them. Obasanjo represents the status quo and will leave Nigeria worse than when he took over.

It was Obasanjo who once wondered what Gowon forgot at the state house should he decide to run. What Obasanjo forgot he is now getting back in less than four years. Obasanjo cannot be any better than Buhari or Babangida and belongs to the same generation of wicked leaders.

Only God knows what the future holds for Nigeria- a nation held hostage by a WICKED GENERATION OF LEADERS."

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I hope Marcus A. Eze clearly defined our confusion. We know all these yet we act as though it doesn't exist. Do we need any other explanations on our stupidity as we wander in our own nightmare.

Do Nigeria have a bright future? The more it seems the wrong is being curbed,the more it rises to the climax. No leader in Nigeria could boast of being transparent, selfless and diligent.

Do we have a say? Why can't we arise like other nations and build ourselves. I don't think hatred and discrimination will allow us fufill these things. Not just the leaders but we too,we vote them in and they have to show us their true countenance.

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Nigerians are losing it all. I believe we still have a say!

Isn't it obvious we are truly confused?

What future do Nigeria have for our children?

The building is in our hands. The future lies in our hands,only if we can take it up. Take to the comment box to make your suggestions, opinions and complaints. Also share to others,we can better the future if we join hands together to say no to a confused nation. 'like' the article if it was helpful and informative. Your voice matters,err your views in the comment box.

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