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Who is the most uneducated but intelligent President?

ApstBright 06/26/2020

We know that President Muhammadu Buhari claimed to have a secondary school certificate. But surprisingly, he is not the most uneducated President. He is ranked the 6th most uneducated President in the world.

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Shockingly, if your great grandfather or mother could acquire a Primary School Certificate, he or she is more educated that the most uneducated President. Even if you attended nursery school, you are still more educated than this President. Does this surprise you?

Now let's see the story of this President. He was self schooled ( that is, he taught himself how to read and write). He couldn't afford a formal education because he was from a very poor home. To make matters worse, he lost his father at a very young age.

He couldn't even afford to buy books to study. However, he did not allow this to be a hindrance. He would go to his friends who attend formal school to borrow books from them. And if he finds any difficulty in pronouncing any word, he would insists that his friends put him through.More often than not, he would personally educate himself even in the bush.

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He in conjunction with Nelson Mandela fought against the apartheid government in South Africa. I guess, the picture is gradually becoming clear to you? If not, please follow me.

Due to this agitation against apartheid, he was arrested and imprisoned alongside Nelson Mandela. Even in the prison, he continued with his self education program. He believes that self education is better than certification. 

Do you know that this President does not regard himself as uneducated? He said: " I don't regard myself as uneducated, I only lack formal qualifications and certifications"

Ladies and gentlemen, the acclaimed world most uneducated President is "Jacob Zuma".

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Today, he stands to address his nation on politics, economy, etc. He sits in the African Union and United Nations to talk intelligently like a man who has a PhD degree. He even speaks better than some professors!

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. There are lot of lessons to learn from this world renowned President.

My opinion: Let's seek to be learned not merely certified.

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Top Comments
+27-67178**** · 07/9/2020
Zuma was and still is the most intelligent president of all times.
CJ06 · 07/2/2020
You born with qualities of leadership.Educational qualifications is just an added advantage.And most highly educated people fill reserved,they don't talk.But the truth of the matter is, until someone talks, people will never realise his or her potential of being who he or she suppose to be..
JacobPhiri · 07/3/2020
the best way to describe Jacob Zuma is that he is the most intelligent president ever governed a nation. despite all the negative effects against him the truth will remain true. let's face reality ladies and gentlemen.
Jollybronze · 06/26/2020
wow,this is really interesting

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