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I bet you to do this before the year runs out

Ezevicchi 06/24/2020

Good day ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dad and mom, grandpa and grandma, hope you all had a wonderful day.

In our childhood days and even now, most of us played the game known as truth or dare, good we are not playing Truth or dare here, but I'm relating it to dare.

This article is for fun, no hate speech of any kind, now let's go on.

We all know that they we are in the season of corn that is maize, which most of us, if not all of us enjoy eating it.

Now I bet you reading this post that before this year runs out, you won't eat full corn, you must share with someone.

It is a normal something in this country, if you have eaten full corn already this year, drop comment below, if you haven't eaten full corn this year, drop comment below and I bet you to do it.

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