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See the 11 types of ladies men don't like to date or marry. (Photos)

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Dating and marriage are important areas of our life. You hardly see teenagers and adults that are not interested in dating or marriage.

We have many types of women men don't like to date or marry. But i will be writing on the Eleven most important types.


These are ladies that like to comourflag their life style. They tend to be another person or behave like someone else just to impress men. Take for instance, a girl that went out on a date with a guy. Her favourite food is swallow but to avoid being seen as a village or local girl, she ordered some foreign food that she is allegic to. Do you think that after that incident, that the guy will date or marry her? Definitly no. You don't have to fake tour life. Live real and keep things real.

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Men don't like to go close to this type of girls. Ladies that have flowing mouth. They like talking about every single thing. No incident passes them without them gossiping and braodcasting it. Two, a gossipping person is an idle and lazy fellow. Men stay far away from this kind of ladies.

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This is the least type of ladies a guy will ever date or marry. They don't even go close to them. No one wants a dirty partner, male or female. Men prefer ladies on clean rags than the ones on dirty smelling and expensive outfits. They hate to date or marry women with body and mouth odour. Keep your self clean girl.

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For those that don't know the meaning of nagging. Nagging is the act of repeatedly reminding, shouting and complaining to someone in annoying way, often about insignificant things. For instance, your partner forgot to remind you of something just once and you take to heart. Constantly using it over and over again as a complaint. You are nagging. A nag does not make a good home and is often considered as a home breaker. No man wants a nagging wife.

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5. Selfish ladies

Women that think only about themselves. Self centered and dubious. They don't think abut the good of any one else except themselves. For instance, you and two other of your friends were walking on the road. Then a car passed and mistakenly or intentionally splashed water on you guys. The water touched everyone but you stopped and turn to your friends and said, " can you imagine this stupid driver? He splashed water on a whole me and didn't stop to apologize". You are selfish because it should have been us. The water touched others too!

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Ladies that put their work/career above everything else. They ignore their friends and family for their works. Men don't like to date or marry this kind of ladies because they believe they can never make a good home. Work is important but not more than family.

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Being a christisn is good. Believing, obeying and seriving God is great. But behaving as if you are mother of jesus, one without sin or one that considers every other person as a sinner is what men don't like. Or dressing badly just to show that you are a born again. I don't know the God you are serving but the God i know is a smart God. Dress smart even if you are the one that wrote the holy bibble. Men don't marry or date them.

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They are ladies that will never cut their coat according to their size/cloth. Their home and outside lifestyle is like black and white. Very diferent. They are two-faced in nature. Men don't like the thought of marrying them.

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Ladies that are broke and lazy at the same time is not what men want. They want independent and hardworking ladies as girlfriends and most importantly as wives. Don't be lazy and broke.


They are the ones that feel like no man deserve to talk to them. They ignore people and message like they are queen Elizabeth. I dont like snubbers. I know you don't like them too?

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Most men marry innocent and virgin ladies as wife. Infact that is what most igbo men do. In as much as i don't agree with them. Please be chaste and Godly.

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What do you think guys?

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