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Christian Missionaries Came To Africa For These Few Reasons, Not To Rule Us

OduseDavid 06/24/2020

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People often come on platforms to say all manner of stuffs under the guise of expressing their views and end up misinforming the platformers.

Most often, scholars do confuse colonialism and the influx of the early Christian missionaries, as the same thing. Although, they came almost at the same time, but they came to Africa for different purposes.

Some scholars often postulate that religion was the main weapon through which the colonialists subjected the African countries they once ruled. No, the Colonial masters had a different mission and the missionaries had theirs, as well. 

The colonialists came to exploit us while the missionaries came to help us. The differences are clear! Go check the records and you'll find out that the schools and most forms of educational systems where established by missions sponsored from abroad.

Schools like ACMGS, the first school in Nigeria; Hope Wardel in Calabar, that have produced Presidents; Baptist Academy, as well, that have produced Presidents; St Gregory, just to mention a few; were not sponsored by Colonial masters,but by foreign missions and this spread all accross the Southern part of Nigeria and some part of the Middle Belt. And even places like Zaria in kaduna, where the Anglican mission was responsible for their educational revolution and tourism because of their structures.

No doubt, the colonial masters might have professed or practised Christianity just like our slave masters, before the abolition of slavery, which was equally facilitated by Christians like William wilberforce and young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). 

But, they were so distinguishable in their endeavours and the benefits. Even aside Education, Christian missionaries brought improved healthcare with the establishment of hospitals, and social welfare with the establishment of homes for destitutes (motherless babies).

Futhermore, the denouncing of some barbaric activities like the killing of twins by Mary Slessor, were things that the Government of these days couldn't even improve on. The good things they did were enormous and innumerable.

In conclusion, Christian missionaries came to Africa to show us the light of the Gospel, while helping to improve our standard of living. They never came to rule us. They have nothing to do with colonialism.

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Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

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AghGH · 06/25/2020
They came to play with the small children. In the name of God, hallelujah.

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