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"Don't Message Me If You Sleep In A Single Room, I prefer Someone With Mansion Or Beach House.

AdelekeOlasanmi 06/25/2020

" Don't Message Me If you sleep in A single room, I prefer Someone with Mansion Or Beach House.

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A lady categorically stated on her twitter page and many other ladies responded everybody has the right to their decision and want.

Though many people want to live in comfort and luxuries, when the luxuries come with hard work and sincerity is splendid.

Many youths are in tricky business just because they wanted to feel among them, they want to live to impress their pairs, even the society is not encouraging the people struggling with sincerity.

The youths of today want to be successful in a rush, they did not want to grow, they just want to blow, the ladies prefer happening guys with struggling guys with sincerity.

It takes some courage and dignity for a young man to leave his parent house and start a life as a young man in a single room and it takes a young lady that believes strongly in hard work and gradually growing to support such guy.

There are reasons many ladies feel reluctant to support guys that are struggling, many stories of ladies that stood by a guy when he has nothing and after the guy makes it to the peak, he now has a different taste for women.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Would you either date a guy that sleeps in a single room, since we have seen a situation of a guy that is worst and a lady that stood with him and the guy make it in life and they live happily after, what is your decision ?

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OlaleyeJoshuaAdebayo · 06/25/2020
were are u
JoshuaPanchir · 06/25/2020
see your eyes like frog's
+234-0806158**** · 06/25/2020
mumu common sense u don't have

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