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Nigerian Bar Association Threaten Lasisi Elenu Over Comedy Skit - Is This Right?

sungirl 06/29/2020

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Nigerian social media comedian Lasisi Elenu seems to have ruffled some feathers with the Nigerian Bar Association, the collective body of lawyers in Nigeria. In a comedy skit he made last week, he acted as a Nigerian lawyer nicknamed Atomic Bomb. 

In the skit, he reenacted a court session in which he defended his client who had been accused by his neighbour of stealing their chicken and goat. The skit cracked Nigerians up and everybody tagged their lawyer friend.

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However, the Assistant National Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, Habeeb Lawal has responded to Lasisi Elenu's impression of Nigerian lawyers. Though Lawal acknowledged Lasisi Elenu's right to make comedy, he pointed out that Lasisi Elenu violated the dress code of lawyers in the video. 

Habeeb Lawal tweeted, "Dear @lasisielenu, We've been tagged! We beg to use you as a point of reference to all other comedians. Lawyers have awesome sense of humour, as such we enjoy your jokes & appreciate the creativity. However, if you must represent our profession in your works...

kindly ensure you properly adorn the wig, bip & gown. We acknowledge your right of expression, but NOTE that we also reserve the rights to take all NECESSARY steps to guide against the ridicule of our noble profession and @NigBarAssoc shall not hesitate to exercise those rights."

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Nigerians have however shown support for Lasisi Elenu calling Lawal's tweets as being extreme and showing a lack of sense of humour. Lasisi Elenu had only done a video mimicking a lawyer. Nigerians have argued that Lasisi is not expected to play by the regimented laws that guide lawyers.

Tell us what you think about the threat made by the Nigerian Bar Association. Was it necessary? Share your thoughts in the comment.

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