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Investing in your wife is one of the profitable businesses in the world

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As a man, failure to invest in your wife is a total lack of understanding about the lessons life can teach us.

Letting your wife be part of your investments is a very sensible decision a man can ever make. It is not the women we're doing the favour indirectly, but ourselves as men. We're helping, ourselves and investing in our marriages indirectly.

A woman needs to stand and fill in the gap in the time of storm, Yes. there's no other person to depend on when things go rough but her.

As a man, 🙎 she needs your support in life to help you while in life and after you're gone.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Some men believe investing in their wives is an automatic way of boosting the women's egos against them and neglecting the responsibilities at home. It might be true in a way, but not in all cases. As a man who's is afraid of his woman's ego, its very simple. If you have to invest in your wife, you don't tender all your jokers 🃏 👌😉. The worth of her investment doesn't need to be equal with yours as a man. And the fear of neglecting home responsibilities can be solved by constant communication. Before investing in her, you need to sit down with her, discuss and and plan. During the investments and after the investment, the communication goes on. That's the reason why a constant and unbreakable communication is needed between a wife and her husband always.

Investing in a woman has a great impact in the lives of her children and her husband.

I've seen a banker who lived a sophisticated life with his family but failed to invest in his wife. When he had an accident and died, that was the beginning of hell on earth for the wife and 6 children he left behind. infant, the wife sold zobo and lollipops for survival of her children. The upbringing was a total ugly one for them. It was tough. Today, one can still feel the touch of the upbringing and the path of survival on the lives of the children.

The jobs we have today are not forever. Anything can happen at any time. The business you have can have can go rough and hit the rock, and if that happens today what next? Don't tell me friends and family members are the next option. Remember they all have their own challenges and responsibilities too. But as a man, you and your children become your wife's responsibilities before you get back on your feet.

To go faster in life, you go alone. But to go farther, you need the help of someone else. You don't go alone. So two heads are better than one.

Advice for the ladies

Marry a man who sees you beyond a mere weaker vessel and a kitchen object (of course, you too must have something to offer upstairs in that case). View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

A full house wife idea is a total scam. Church rat will be better than you by the time something happens to that husband or his job or that relationship. Men remember, no matter what happens to the relationship, the children will always be at the center of benefiting from what the wife is made of.

Be sure to have something to offer too because no sensible man is ready to settle down and invest in a woman who has nothing to offer but a total loss. Seriously, its a fruitless effort.

the idea of a woman practicing feminism is a total scam. Don't follow friends or social media or celebrities into a life style you will regret forever. Simi ( adekunle Gold's wife) once said women should practice feminism. But she herself is not practicing it because if she did, she will not be married to Adekunle Gold today. And look at her today, she's happily married. Naira Marley tells his followers not to graduate as part of their malian rules, but Naira Marley himself is a graduate today. He's happily married with kids. Don't follow the multitude, be focused, stop enjoying being a tax collector and believe in yourself.

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