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17 Cancer Causing Foods You Have to Stop Eating

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It is well established that food is a major risk for cancer. But did you know that some so-called healthy foods are hidden carcinogens?

Or do some of the ingredients found in almost all packaged foods pose a serious health risk?

As an educated consumer, we can have good types of products that end up on our edible shelves and have better health to begin with.

Keep reading along with 17 very common foods that are known to increase the risk of cancer and some healthier alternatives.

1. Soda

Soda is mixed with sugar, in addition to being a fuel for cancer selection, it also has a caramel color. This artificial color contains carcinogenic chemicals as a by-product of 4-MEI. Laboratory tests show that 4-MEI appears in caramel-colored beverages.

Alternatives: Water is always the best, but if you really want a soft drink and a sweet breeze, choose a natural brand without caramel color.

2. Grilled red meat

While this steak may have some very pleasant charms, the high temperatures used for cooking produce cancers that cause hydrocarbons. Global consumption of red meat increases the risk of cancer.

Alternatives. Rare red meat, cook it carefully and, if possible, choose organic beef.

3. Microwave popcorn

Here’s a fatty trio: the smell of butter used in many brands of microwaves is released when cooking diaketil, a well-known toxin. Then the perfluorooctanoic acid that covers your bags is cancerous. Finally, pigeon breeders do not have to report whether their kernels are transgenic.

Alternatives: Buy organic kernels and take them out in an airbrush or in your kitchen.

4. Canned foods, especially tomatoes

Canned foods are dangerous because the sticks are coated with the chemical BPA, a known hormonal disruption. Canned tomatoes are especially problematic because their acidity causes bleaching in BPA foods. Tomatoes are generally very healthy; the problem is the package here.

Alternatives: eat fresh or frozen products.

5. Moisturize oil

Vegetable oils are not extracted naturally from their source, but must undergo a chemical process. Then even more chemicals are added to achieve the desired appearance and consistency, and as a result they are very healthy omega-6 fats.

Alternatives: choose oil, soy or canola instead; these oils are extracted naturally.

6. Farmed salmond

Despite being one of the healthiest proteins that can be eaten in desert salmon, the farm version feeds on an unnatural diet full of chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics. They are thicker than deserts and therefore store more bad things in the body.

Alternatives: eat salted fish fillets or increase your diet to supplement them with cleaned fish oil.

7. Artificial sweeteners

Most artificial sweeteners are produced by a chemical process and there is not enough data to consider them safe. Some research suggests that artificial sweeteners produce DKP in the body and can cause brain tumors.

Alternatives: If you want to use a sweetener, choose herbal Stevia. Some recipes can also replace the sweetening apple.

8. Refined white flour

The refining process removes all the nutritional value of the original wheat. Even worse, the flour is filtered with chlorine gas to obtain an attractive white color. White flour is a carbohydrate that breaks down simple sugar, the preferred fuel for cancer.

9. Organic plants and fruits

Fruits and vegetables themselves are very healthy, but the pesticides that seep in are anything. Alzrazine, for example, is an herbal medicine that has been banned in Europe from causing serious problems in humans, but is still used in the United States.

Alternatives: Buy as many organic products as possible and wash all products before eating.

10. Processed meat

These include bacon, dogs, sausages and meat. Processing often adds large amounts of salt and hazardous chemicals, especially nitrates and nitrites. The purpose of the additives is to make the food look nicer and longer, but it poses a serious risk to your health.

Alternatives: look for organic meats and especially other minimal and non-preservative products to eat and process.

11. Potatoe chips

Potatie chip are a crime for several reasons. One, the trans fats are fried and the other two are loaded with salt. Many varieties also have conservative and artificial colors.

Alternatives: pretzels, popcorn, dried apples or chips.

12. GMD foods

There is intense debate about the food security of GMOs. Food producer such as genetically modified products because they have been modified to be more resistant to pests, to be easier to transport and to last longer. However, very few safety tests have been done before foods hit the shelves, and we have no idea of ​​their long-term health effects.

Alternatives - organic products and meat; foods packaged with a GMO-free label.

13. Alcohol

Studies by the National Cancer Institute have shown an association between alcohol consumption and cancer of the head and neck, esophagus, liver, breast, and colon.

Alternatively, if you are not ready to give up completely, consider drinking in the low risk category - no more than 3 drinks per seat for women and 4 drinks per seat for men, with no more than 7 glasses per week for women and 14 glasses per week for men.

14. Refined sugar

The worst offender in this category is high fructose corn syrup in tons of processed food and drink. For example, you can find 15 teaspoons of stuff in a 20 ounce juice! As we know, cancer likes a sweet diet.

Alternatively - when purchasing prepackaged food, always check the ingredient list; the sugar content will surprise you. Fill your sweet teeth with whole fruit, not candy.

15. Margrine

Margarine was said to be a healthier alternative, but it turned out that margarine is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils and is full of trans fat. Recent studies show that trans fats are more dangerous than saturated fats in butter.

Alternatively, you can still go easy, but choose it instead of margarine. Olive oil flavored with herbs is also suitable for bread or vegetables.

16. Diet foods

It's a real blow to your teeth - you think you've made a smart choice when buying health food, but in reality these products are often replaced with added sugar or artificial sweeteners to replace the fat. They can also contain a variety of chemicals designed to seduce you and bring you more.

Otherwise, eat fresh, healthy foods, not packaged diet foods.

17. French fries

Fried fries taste so good, but if they are fried in trans fats and then salted, there is a real risk of cancer. Foods heated to such a high temperature also produce acrylamide, a known carcinogen found in cigarette smoke.

Alternative - check out some oven fries recipes; the use of aromatic spices and olive oil gives a very tasty and much healthier dish.


In food choices, information about good and bad is easy to attract.

Fortunately, all of this can be reduced to a few simple steps. Only rebalancing healthy foods (away from packaged products) with food and soda can increase the risk of cancer.

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