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Royal Madrina (Cynthia Morgan) Tackles her Former Boss, Jude Okoye Again (See Photos)

Barthiwu 06/26/2020

Cynthia Morgan who recently came to social media to talk about how her former boss, Jude Okoye ripped her off through her contract and had to force her to go into extinction for a long time who left people wondering where she was. Just yesterday, she came for her former boss again using her Instagram Story to cuss him out.

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You should recall that Cynthia Morgan was forced to change her name, being that the name she is used to was the company's name and was enlisted in the contract. She has since then changed her name to Madrina.

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In her message which she tagged him to it, she said he would suffer for his evil way. It can be assumed that she meant the ways he ripped her off and got her to start from ground zero again.

Below is the letter she wrote initially when she came out the first time to talk about all what happened during her time with Jude Okoye and how she was made to lose everything.

After all those, Davido came out to help her by asking her to call him for a music collaboration.

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So what do you think? Should she face her work or continue to cry over spilled milk? Drop your comments below

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