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See What My Neighbour Saw In a Drug he Bought in a Commercial Bus

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My neighbour bought drug in a commercial vehicle, and found out that what was in the content is garri mixed with white substance.

"Health is wealth and wealth is health". Some food and drug we consume, sometimes says much on our health.

Am yet to understand how someone in his or right sense could think of doing such to a fellow human being. How could someone used raw garri to fill inside capsules as antibiotic, all in the quest for making quick cash.

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This is pure reason some people would take drugs without any result or improvement. Most times, the sickness might worsen, or lead to death.

People can as well create problem for their self when the choose to patronize drug hawkers at unapproved places. E.g, motor parks, market, and inside some commercial buses.

My neighbour narrated how he bought drug in a commercial vehicle, the drug seller convinced him on the effectiveness of the drug prior to what he wanted to use it for.

He said he bought two sachet, when he finished the first sachet, he did not see any result as the seller instructed, then he was tempted to open it to be sure of the content. That was how he found out that there's garri with some other substance.

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It can only take a wicked heart to produce such. Imagine been sick of typhoid, and you bought drug thinking of been cured with it, and it was the other way round.

Let's beware of drug hawkers, be it native or English, for our safety.

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