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5 Simple work-from-home strategies to make money online.

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1. Sell a service on Fiverr:

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Fiverr is a global online marketplace that offers tasks, services and products, starting at cost of $5. Fiverr get almost 4.7million visits per month. 

Your aim should be to leverage fiverr’s powerful visitor base to reach more people and sell your services or products to them. Every service or task you offer on Fiverr is called a gig.

Remember, you can sell your gig at any price; $5 is just the minimum price.

2. Click and sell photos:

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This is suitable for people who have a passion for photography. Skills required are ability to take versatile and creative photos.

If you are an experienced photographer, you can start almost instantly. If you are new you might need time to learn photography. Learning time completely depends on how quickly you grasp the concepts.

You can monetize these photos by signing up to the following websites;





3. Sell PLR:

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PLR is the short form for Private Label Rights. It’s a license offered by any product creator if purchased it gives you all the rights to do anything with the product you just purchased.

Upon having the PLR rights to sell the products anywhere and anyway you want, you can decide to modify the graphics, the text or do whatever you want with it.

Sites where you can buy PLR products with license are;




You can monetize by; 

Offering paid membership courses.

Build your email list.

Create a blog.

Create your own product.

4. Sell Quotes Printable:

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A quote printable is nothing but a simple quote written on a beautifully designed canvas using creative fonts that can be printed.

Creative quote printable placed on a wall helps in improving the aesthetics as well as keep people motivated throughout the day. You can leverage this opportunity to make a reliable online income.

You can monetize by using these sites;




5. Sell merchandise on Zazzle:

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Zazzle is an online marketplace with millions of made-to-order customizable products. Zazzle users can print designs, drawings or photos on items like coffee cups, t-shirts, bags and so on.

Register to zazzle.com to get started as soon as you finish reading this article.

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