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Ladies Will You Continue With This Relationship? See Touching Chat Between A Lady And Her Boyfriend

EntertainmentPlus 06/29/2020

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. So today, I'll be highlighting a very sensitive and important issue which is very common in our society today. Talking about relationships, they are filled with a lot of ups and downs. Nowadays so many young people resist from getting into a relationship because they do not want to pass through the stress associated with it. A lot of single girls and guys out there are happy because, they have gone through somethings they wouldn't want to happen to them the second time.

My advice to people in relationships out there is to never force yourself on your partner. I strongly believe that whosoever is meant for you will be for you. You do not have to beg before you can be loved. Love is a natural thing which comes freely from the heart and you can never force anybody to love you. If you are in a toxic relationship where you notice your partner being the direct opposite of what he used to be, I suggest you exist such relationship Immediately to avoid future heartbreak.

After reading this chat between a lady and her boyfriend you will understand what I mean. Read chat:

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From the above chat, it is obvious that the guy does not really love her and he has no future plans for her. Why will the guy waste her time when he really is not interested in her in reality? This is really heartless!! Women age fast and as a 26 years old lady, she has no much time around her corner. This guy would he wasting her time if they continue like this.

What is your take on this? As a sensible man or woman what advice would you give to this lady? If you find yourself in this kind of situation what will you do? Share your opinion in the comment section below so that others can learn from you. Do not forget to like and share this post for your friends to see.

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Top Comments
ChinwenduPeace_02 · 06/30/2020
My dear the early you end this relationship the better for you,because the guy won't and will not introduce you to his family as his girlfriend ok
+234-0806597**** · 06/29/2020
Nd I was crying for the lady
InnocentEseigbe · 06/30/2020
dat guy should just man up nd stop hurting dat Innocent girl......for d gir, she should just try nd move on the end result is clear enough....
KikyPearlz · 07/1/2020
just call or chat him up and tell him that if he really likes you that he should introduce you to his parents before a particular point of time (choose for yourself ) and if that time elapses than I think he doesn't want to marry you, just pray to God to help you make a right decision and to you move on with your life and help you to find a great and good husband who will not break your heart again.

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