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Money Reward gone wrong:see how the population of cobra was increased in India due to greed (detail)

Ezeakolam 06/29/2020

When you come to snakes, you definitely don't want to encounter a Cobra. Cobras are very deadly and venomous snakes.

In the colonial British rule of India, the British were worried about the increasing number of Cobras in Delhi, and therefore instituted a reward for anyone who brought a dead snake to the officials. Heeding to the request of the officials, the Indians in their quest to gain the reward, they did a surprising act which increased and doubled the population in India.

The Indians started breeding this snakes at home to gain the reward, when the government found out their act, the Government scrapped the program, when the Indians couldn't get the reward again, they released the deadly cobra thereby increasing the population . You will agree with me this act was dastardly, this greedy act of led to the increased death from snakes bites which was caused by their very own greedy and mischievous act.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Things greed make people do.

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Top Comments
MatthewEboh · 06/29/2020
it must be a Nigerian that gave them this advice
Ugonnaya005 · 06/29/2020
why are people so greedy, now i know why Indians love acting snake movies, this must have been their motivation
FranckDacrisLebest · 06/30/2020
in France it was rats people were breeding them just becoz of the reward
RHP2NICE4ALL. · 06/30/2020
na so make dem dey manage deir snake and deir greed there.

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