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Marry From These 5 States, If You Want to Marry a Decent Girl (OPINION)

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Most men have missed their way at the start up, by marrying the wrong girl. Some went into marriage as a result of physical appearance, pressure from parents, love at first sight, or for some reasons, not minding the outcome of their action later when the journey start. Honestly, every decent girl marries on time, not only that, they also attract standard.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Kogi State;

Kogi is made up of the Igala, Kabba, Ebira and Kogi Division of the former Kabba Province. It is the most centrally located State in the country.

Decency is said to be their core values. Kogi girls are very decent and homely. In terms of cooking, their ladies knows our to cook good meals and treat their husband rightly. When it comes to marrying their ladies, their bride price is affordable and not expensive.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 2. Delta State;

Delta State was created from the then Bendel State 27th August 1991 by the then regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. Delta State is named after the delta region of the River Niger. It's capital is Asaba.

This particular state has beautiful and hardworking girls. Their girls are also decent and their bribe price is also affordable. One major advantage you enjoy marrying in this state, is that their ladies are industrious, hardworking and creative.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 3. Kaduna State;

Kaduna was founded by British colonists in 1900. It became the capital of Nigeria's former Northern Region in 1917, and retained this status until 1967. The first British governor of Northern Nigeria.

Girls from that state are very decent and well cultured. Marrying from this state gives you a sense of belonging. It is no longer news, that the kaduna’s are morally upright and cultured. Kaduna girls are unique and are wonderfully made.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 4. Abia State;

Abia state was created in 1991 from part of Imo State . It is one of the constituent states of the Niger Delta region. Which was formerly a British colonial government outpost in the region, and is also one of the most populated areas in Nigeria.

Girls from abia they are also decent. The only difficulties you might encounter is paying for their marriage rite if you are not financially buoyant. But sincerely, their girls are extremely decent.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 5. Adamawa State;

Adamawa is in northeastern part of the country, with it's capital at Yola.

Adamawa girls happens to be on the list, reason is that, their ladies are known to be respectful and preserved. Apart from that, they are also extremely beautiful and unique.


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Top Comments
JemiJay · 07/26/2020
I'm abia....stop judging thru state.....both decent or nt....its based on parental upbringing and the heart.. I've seen a woman with tatoo care fr kids that are nt hers...I HV seen sme decent girls ( by clothe) who are heartless....you judge the heart nt the mind...we HV decent gals...we HV undecent...anyhow u won put am...BT sha d Bride price tin is true
GUEST_voNX4rBB1 · 07/27/2020
Hausa girl normal day bultifull and Igbo girl. Iyoruba girl they yamahayamaha they don't take there berth always and there always as odio inside there body
DanielAtto · 07/26/2020
Kogi😈??? 🙄🙄🙄
ComrMosesGoddayOtuomasirichi · 07/28/2020

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