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FICTION: He Didn't Believe In Jesus But See How I Converted Him

EmeraldPraise 06/24/2020

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I decided to take a walk yesterday evening and the only place my mind went was a football field near my house.

Many guys do come there to watch football.

When I got there, I decided to seat near this young man who seems to be more interested.

We exchanged greetings, with the normal "Good evening, What's up, what's the score?"

"2-1" He said.

I asked him the team He's supporting. He told me. I sided his team.

I bought cold zobo and asked if He will take and he said "Yes"

I spent N500 buying zobo for other three guys there.

I asked him his school and he said he is doing business.

I asked "Hope Jesus is in control?" - The easiest way to creep into him.

He laughed and told me that there's nothing like Jesus.

"Bro, that name is just a brand name. It's just like all this online business, MMM, flip cash, Binomo and others. It's just scam. Even now, corona virus is more popular than the name."

I felt so bad but I smiled.

"You think so?" I asked him.

He laughed again and told me when he wanted to establish his business that they used that name to scam him, that he don't see any different.

In my mind he has forgotten that he is drinking the zobo I bought with my money.

I began smiling, I told him that he might be right on his own part and he might also be wrong. I took down the memory lane of the tribe of Judah. I told him about the name that's above every other name. I told him the name that's above principalities and powers. I told him the name when you mention every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. I told him about the immortal man behind the name. His name is Jesus Christ. I told him the "Christ" that became a family name that made us CHRISTians. I told him stories of my life, how I would have died on my way to Kano.

I was saying this without knowing that I was now preaching to people that were there.

The number multiplied when the game finished. I was introducing a King. I prayed for all of them and promised to keep in touch.

You will wonder why most young people are walking around without knowing Jesus.

In a world where people now take the name of Jesus as a brand.

In a world where young men are lost and are dying everyday without knowing that there's life in Christ.

Everyday there are news of one bad thing or the other and this news are mostly attached to young people and no sensible young person have thought about reconciling with Jesus.

Reflect deeply into your life. We think life is about making money. We think having sex is the best way to be in love. We think posting cleavages and muscles is the way to slay. We think saying that homosexuality is not an abnormality is being "woke" or shouting that you are an atheist online makes you more intelligent.

Meanwhile, check again and you will know that 2020 is not balanced, there's something happening somewhere that no eyes have seen and no ears have heard and no mouth have been able to say anything about it.

This hours calls for fervency in the secret place. I'm just sensing something.

Watch and Pray.

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