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For flawless skin, make your own Hot Chocolate Soap. See simple procedure!

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As a gorgeous brown skin African lady or gentleman, you need to keep your skin soothed, nourished and glowing!

Your chocolatey skin needs some cocoa, and the best way to get it by using a Hot Chocolate Soap.

Here's a special recipe to help you make your own Hot Chocolate Soap at home.


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✓40% olive oil

✓25% coconut oil

✓20% lard or tallow

✓10% avocado oil

✓5% castor oil

✓2 teaspoon milk powder

✓2 teaspoons instant coffee granules

✓1 table spoon cocoa powder

✓2 teaspoon vanilla flecks

✓2 teaspoons clay (brownish clay)

✓2 teaspoons French red clay

✓5 g cocoa absolute

✓10 g vanilla

✓10 drops of essential oil

✓Crystal natural HF soap base

✓Organic cocoa powder

✓Chocolate fragrance oil (or fragrance of your choice)

✓Vegetable glycerin

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Step 1

Melt down your soap base: Cut your soap base into small cubes and melt it in the microwave at 30-second intervals, stirring between intervals until it melts down all the way.

Step 2

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Once the soap base melts, add in the chocolate fragrance oil, organic cocoa powder and other ingredients while stirring. First add the fragrance oil because it discolors the soap base a bit to give a yellowish hue. Add the other oils as desired. Then add the cocoa powder and the other powdered ingredients.

Note: The best way to add powders like these to soap is to first wet it using a bit of vegetable glycerin. This keeps the powder from forming clumps and instead allows it to mix well with the soap base. Mix about 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder with just enough vegetable glycerin to get a smooth chocolatey paste. Mix the other powders likewise.

Step 3

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While stirring, pour the wet cocoa powder into the soap base and continue stirring. Then pour the mix into a loafmold and allow it to dry.

Step 4

Once your soap base has dried, you will have a very rich, dark chocolate colored soap.

Now, all you need do is slice it into bars! You can use your favorite soap slicer to shape them as you wish.

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