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Is 2020 the most disastrous year in history?

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1939–1945: World War 2. Almost 70 million people dead all over the world. Unthinkable atrocities like Holocaust and loss of life and property. One of the most devastating wars economically except for USA. Such a catastrophe that after it has ended, recovery from it took years.

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1918–1920: Spanish Flu. Killed more than 20 million people. If we compare it to now, Coronavirus has so far didn’t even killed half a million.

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1914–1918: The war to end all wars. 17 million people dead. WW1 caused empires to fall which has caused revolutions and more civil wars. Like the October revolution in Russia which gave birth to Communism.

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1618–1648: Religious wars fought all over Europe. % of the world population that died during this time was even higher than WW1 with all of the technological advances in military weapons. Unthinkable atrocities happened during this period as it was a never ending war.

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1346–1353: Black Plague. 1/3 of European population died during this time. Biggest known pandemic in human history.

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I can continue but I don’t want this to be too long. All I can say is compared to the past, we have much more prosperity and peace in our lives. Until the 1800s most of the world’s population consisted of slaves and poverty stricken people. We have better technology and a better understanding of the medicine to deal with epidemics and we are living in probably the most peaceful time on earth.

We were just confined to our homes playing video games, watching Netflix etc. I’m not saying Coronavirus is not a bad thing. People are losing their jobs and there are violent protests in America right now. However, when compared to what happened in the past, we are having it easy.

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CoronaCure · 06/24/2020
a lot has happened over the years
CoronaCure · 06/24/2020

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