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"My Mansion In Hell Is Still Under construction" Popular Spiritualist Happily Boasts

Continental 06/28/2020

It baffles me to hear people saying they don't fear hell fire, some don't even believe in it.

It was gathered that a spiritualist known as Angela Nwosu openly came out to boast about how happy she is anytime she hears that she won't make it to heaven. She further said, her massive mansion in hell is still undergoing construction.

Angela Nwosu boast every now and then about who she is, She is popularly known on social media, and she has so many followers.

She also brags being a river goddess, Ogbanje, and the daughter of Amedioha. She is Controversial for marketing products she claims to have spiritual powers of making girls to have any man of their choice, making husbands not to see any other woman, make some have good lucks etc. She sells these things with so much money.

What is your opinion about this?

People need to stop hating someone because of what they do for a leaving, that will go a long way to promote love and peace in our country.

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GUEST_yn3xB06D0 · 06/30/2020
i know that those that are ogbanje do not like to be associated with the name, Secondly i know that ogbanje and river goddess are not the same .then please are you the one that ascribe all this title to your credit knowing fully well the level of fanaticism in the society and spiritual ignorance. talk less of open confirmation of being a witch. woman you hate yourself seriously.

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