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For men only: Things to Look Out For in a Woman

Patrarose 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Social media has been agog this past week with the news of adulterous Evang Ositadinma Muolokwu leaked chats with married women, and also the gruesome murder of Olamide who was killed by her partner for cheating and deceiving him about the paternity of their child. In view of this,this article will be an expose to men.

That woman you adored so much.You fantasized about spending the rest of your life with her,all of a sudden you find out that lovely wife of yours has been unfaithful and the children may not be yours.To avoid these kind of stories there are signs you can watch out for .Though It is difficult to believe your wife is unfaithful or will be unfaithful, it is better to take care and prevent it from happening. Note that I do not recommend you to police or monitor her,as that will be to toxic to your relationship,all I am saying is that you apply wisdom,for your sake and that of your family.she may be the perfect wife,fiance, girlfriend to you.The human mind is fickle and change is constant.so you have to be wise.Here are the signs to know if your wife is likely to cheat . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The first sign a woman is likely to cheat is from the company she keeps.Does she have a lot of male friends?It is not advisable for a married woman to have lots of male friends.Your wife may have an issue with you and confide in that male friend of hers.It may be an innocent act,but as time flies by ,they may develop feelings and fall into temptation,which may continue for a long time without your knowledge.please be careful of that male friend your wife calls bestie!!!

Also,the female friends of your wife matters.How is Their lifestyle?are they promiscuous, seductive, materialistic?.If your wife mixes up with this group of women with the excuse of them being nice, generous e.t.c or that she advices them.It is only a matter of time before she behaves like them.All it takes is her moment of weakness and she may fall.At that time you will never believe this is the woman you once trusted.

2)Does your woman like attending unnecessary owambes and overnight parties?.please caution her.A lot of things happens at night.She may get intoxicated and misbehave.prowing men are everywhere.You must not attend all parties you have been invited for.

3)lonely women with low self esteem.A woman with a low self esteem can cheat if she is not given enough attention.If another man gives her that attention she craves for she may fall if she doesn't set boundaries.The truth is that some men are resilient when it comes to women.some specifically like married women.Be careful,but at the same time love your wife and trust her to be a virtuous,disciplined woman that will never compromise her marital vows and values.

4)Does your wife love material things so much? If yes ,you know what to do.A materialistic woman may have an affair with a man more wealthy than her husband due to the things she can gain, especially if her spouse is poor.Her greed paves way for this.

5) Does your wife love sex so much,that she can hardly control herself and can't do without it? If yes, she may likely cheat.As she may take sex as her lifestyle.she may decide to sleep with anybody just to fulfill that desire, not minding whose ox is gored.Dont worry this condition is not normal.It is called nymphomaniacy,and the solution is mental and physical therapy.It is triggered by childhood experiences at times. An example of such case was shown in the movie 'Alter ego' by Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde. Women with this condition do it for pleasure and favours.Marriage will not stop her,after all some of her successes emnated from it.

Lastly, a woman who dosent find her husband attractive or love her husband may cheat if she meets an outsider that tickles her fancy.Also, a bitter woman seeking for revenge because of her cheating spouse.If you are cheating and your wife probably knows,but decides to stay with you after series of complaints and family meetings,she is likely to cheat on you.she may do this to make herself even with you.when she seeks solace outside she will no longer care much about you.Her attention will be divided.she will not invest her feelings in a man that does not care about how she feels.Women with huge egos may also do this. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Now that you know the signs to watch out for,how can you prevent your wife from cheating? Well,you have to try your best by practicalising your love.If you love your wife,show it.Both by words and action.Observe her moods.Encourage her to talk when she is upset,so that you can settle things.No matter how hard a woman tries to form,she is fickle because she is made from you.

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GUEST_6L3AJ4WKg · 07/5/2020
anybody who wants to cheat can still cheat it is only grace of God
Destiny.Luv · 06/30/2020
Hmm its wel n Jav help us all
Patrarose · 06/25/2020
absolutely right. people make mistakes.If you are with the holy spirit he will direct you.
JoeAgbor_01 · 06/25/2020
That is why we sincerely have to introduce and welcomes the HolySpirit in our relationships and marriages.Cheating is the worst things that can ever happened in any Rel OR Married,which is very horting,painful,hurrible and so devastating spiritually physically

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