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Lance Corporal Martins Should Be Arrested For Blackmailing Nigerian Army (Opinion)

Classiq_Man 06/25/2020

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Yes, you read it very clear and right!

A viral video of Lance Corporal Martins continues to trend online for blasting the Chief Of Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Buratai. Some sees the actions of Lance Corporal Martins as being perfect and as such, regard him as a hero while reverse is the case to others.

Reports have it that Lance Corporal Martins have been arrested and taken to Abuja for blasting Tukur Buratai who's the number 1 person in the Nigerian Army. Many notable personalities like Timi Frank have criticized the Nigerian Army, seeking for his release.

I'm not a sadist, but I'm number 1 supporter of the arrest of Lance Corporal Martins for blackmailing Nigerian Army.

Here is my reason;

Every organization, institution and military (army) is guided by a laid down rules, dos and don'ts which is the ethical code(s) guiding them and a breach of the codes of conduct will have a punishment that goes it.

The Nigerian Army have ethical codes of conducts guiding them and Lance Corporal Martins breached the code of conduct and should be arrested for blackmail.

Let's Interact;

Is the arrest of Lance Corporal Martins legal or illegal?

Your opinion is highly appreciated and valued!

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Top Comments
Misscall · 06/25/2020
The soldier is stupid
MichaelKachiiFaga · 06/26/2020
When a giant elephant underestimate the power of that stinky ant.perhaps based on size, the elephant would always regret engaging in such stupid duel in the 1st place because victory is often not by size but might. Buratai must understand that he. he has lost the loyalty of his troop and engaging this little ant for a fight will surely bring him to the ground totally except he doesn't want to retire from the service to enjoy his loot.
ShittabeyAkinyemiDavid · 06/26/2020
the law in Nig only work for d poor
OkodughaJoel · 06/26/2020
army's has rules and so let waits

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