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The Inspiring Story Of Helen Keller: Blind And Deaf, Yet Got Educated, And Became A Lecturer

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This is the story of a woman who has taught people across the ages that disability is not a barrier to achieving God's purpose for one's life. Her life has inspired many, maybe she can inspire you too.

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The story of Helen Keller seems to be from another world.

It is the story of a personality that seems to be destined for suffering, hardship and misery, who turned out to be a unique, one of a kind celebrity.

Once in a while we hear about people who braced all odds to achieve fame and greatness, and we wonder how on earth they were able to do it.

We ask questions about what motivated them or gave them hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Many times, their responses to our questions are as interesting as the achievements they have made.

Such is the story of Helen Keller, a trail blazer who shined into fame and glory out of a miserable darkness of disability.

Helen Keller was born as a normal baby girl in Alabama, USA in the year 1880. She was growing up normally until the age of 19 months when a strange illness rendered her blind and deaf.

That was the beginning of a life of total loneliness and darkness for her, because all her abilities to communicate with the outside world effectively were gone.

She struggled through life until the age of 6 when she met her teacher, Anne Sullivan, and there her journey back to light and divine fulfillment began.

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Young Helen with her teacher and companion Anne Sullivan

There is no way one can tell the story of Helen Keller effectively without mentioning her teacher Anne.

She was the first teacher ever to teach a blind and deaf student to become a full literate.

Within months of Anne coming into Helen's life, she began to recognize objects and letters.

Though the task was not easy Anne was able to teach her by making her feel objects and then link them with their names.

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Helen with the Inventor Graham Bell who is also her motivator

She also invented a method of drawing finger signals in her palms for her to learn spellings.

Helen's education was slow, but it was progressive and worthwhile, and eventually she became the first blind and deaf to graduate from a college in America.

She had a personal ambition of wanting to go to Harvard University, but at that time Harvard does not accept women, so she had to go for her second choice which is Radcliffe College where she graduated in 1904.

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Helen as a graduate

People tried to discourage her that going to a college is useless for her; more so when she cannot hear lectures that will be delivered by the lecturers because of her disability.

Helen did not listen to them. She listened to her mind and registered in the school and became the first of such a personality to be admitted and graduated from the school.

She wrote over 500 essays and speeches in her lifetime, and she became an international speaker, travelling from one country to another to talk to people and governments for humanitarian purposes.

She wrote many books also which portrays her life story, belief, and hope in life.

She dies at the ripe age of 87, a fulfilled person.

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Lesson To Learn

The story of Helen Keller is a lesson for everyone living today, that whatever disadvantages or disability you may have, it cannot deprive you of the life that God has ordained for you to live.

Her life story has been adapted into films, television series, and documentaries for people to watch and learn.

Hers was a story of a total failure that became a total success.

A light for those that can see, and ear for those that can hear.

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