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List Of 15 States That May Reopen Universities, Polytechnics And Secondary Schools On September 2020

Emmaco2021 06/25/2020

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It's quite unfortunate that Covid-19 has become the recent challenge in the country. Inasmuch as President Muhammadu Buhari announced the gradual ease of the lockdown on democracy day, yet, no school resumption date was declared. Therefore, any date on the social media as regards to school resumption, should be taken as rumour.

As the federal government is still on the fight against Covid-19, cases are still recorded on daily basis.

As we all know that coronavirus is a deadlier virus, also the confirmed cases keep on the rise every day. The confirmed cases recorded across the globe have exceeded 9.5million, more than 480,000 deaths have been recorded globally and also more than 5.1million patients have recovered from the deadly disease, as of June 24, 11:30(GMT), though the health workers across the globe are still looking for a cure. Source: Worldometer.

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As the confirmed cases keep rising in other nations across the globe, our country is excluded.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control(NCDC), reports 649 new cases of coronavirus in Nigeria on Wednesday, 23rd of June, 2020.

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The new cases were announced during the country's daily update on coronavirus.

The total Covid-19 confirmed cases in Nigerian have risen from 21,371 which announced on Tuesday to 22,020 after the new cases were announced on Wednesday night.

Lagos State recorded the highest new cases with 250 new cases, the NCDC Coronavirus statistic table shows that Lagos state records the highest daily case most of the time.

The Centre highlighted that the new cases were recorded in 21 states across the country and the Federal Capital Territory(Abuja) which is reported as follows;

250 cases from Lagos, 100 cases from Oyo, 40 cases each from Plateau and Delta, 28 cases from Abia, 27 cases from Kaduna, 22 cases from Ogun, 20 cases from Edo, 18 cases from Akwa Ibom, 17 cases each from Kwara and FCT, 14 cases from Enugu, 13 cases each from Niger and Adamawa, 7 cases from Bayelsa, 6 cases each from Osun and Bauchi, 4 cases from Anambra, 3 cases from Gombe, 2 cases from Sokoto, 1 cases each from Imo and Kano state.

In reference to this, here are list of 15 most affected states that may reopen universities, polytechnics and secondary schools on September 2020 due to the high increase of covid-19 cases in the state

1. Lagos

2. FCT

3. Abia

4. Oyo

5. Edo

6. Imo

7. Kano

8. Delta

9. Ogun

10. Akwa Ibom

11. Bayelsa

12. Anambara

13. Gombe

14. Enugu

15. Kwara


Some citizens are still confused about the spread coronavirus in Nigeria, as a citizen or resident please tell us your experiences concerning covid-19 cases in Nigeria, and if schools should be allowed to resume next month being July 2020.

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Top Comments
potable · 06/26/2020
those people saying that school should not be reopen, I think the best things for u all is to defer ur admission and allow those who want sch to resume sho go dat is all
Mrcheff · 06/26/2020
Why not provide the drug use by the recovered patients in all schools or the money given to you is been exhausted by you. So you open schools for students abeg, even if you are not providing shelter nor food for the citizens we are still in hope that if we resume back to our different schools everything will work out well. Following the rules of Covid 19 will be intact. Open schools abeg FG.
Officialfakenewsdirector · 06/25/2020
I'm still confused about this results but schools should not resume until 2021 I'm really enjoying this lockdown
Sunny-Sax08 · 06/26/2020
poverty has soiled everywhere especially Kogi state, Tell us how could our parents survive and sponsor their children with 10% and at most 20% of salary. please with don't need more poverty allow us to stay at home and struggle to eat than to die of hunger in school. or FG should entitle every students with a little token monthly. Thanks.

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