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Today in History: Famous American Singer and Dancer died, Check out who he is

IdikaIdman 06/25/2020

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Today makes it 11 years since the World lost one of the greatest entertainers that ever graced the surface of Earth, Michael Jackson. He was born on the 29th of August 1958 to the family of Joe and Katherine Jackson at Gary, Indiana U.S.

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Michael's musical career began as early as when he was still a teen when he and his siblings, Tino, Jackie, Marlon, and Jermaine, were part of the backup musicians at the Jackson Brothers, a band founded by their father, playing Congas and Tambourine. He was so talented that by the age of fourteen, he has already released his first solo album.

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According to History.com, Jackson released several other solo albums in the ’70s, but his great breakthrough came in 1979 with the OFF THE WALL album that made him the first solo artist to score four Top 10 hits from one album, including “She’s Out of My Life” and “Rock with You.” 

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His next album, O THRILLER (1983), became the biggest selling album up to that time, selling some 45 million copies around the world. This time, he scored seven Top 10 singles, and the album won eight Grammies. Although his next album, Bad (1987), sold only about half as many copies as Thriller, it was still a tremendous best-seller. In 1991, Jackson signed an unprecedented $65 million record deal with Sony. That year, he released Dangerous. 

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In the '90s and '2000, Michael has become a household name in every corner of the world. Some of his songs include Billie Jean; They don't care about us, Beat it, Bad, Thriller, Smooth, Criminal, Earth song, etc 

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Michael was regarded as the King Of Pop. His universal talent was a globally uniting force, a total opposite of today's divisiveness and dumb people screaming deafening tsunamis of nothing through all channels.

Sadly, the singer died of cardiac arrest induced by acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication on the 26th of June 2009. He was 50.

Rest in peace legend. We miss you.

Source: opera.com
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