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Reasons Why President Mohammedu Buhari Is The Best President in The History Of Nigerian Presidency

Ucee101 06/24/2020

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Why President Mohammedu Buhari may be the Best President ever, since 1960.

Here we listed out some reasons if well looking into you will find out that our President in the name of Gen. Mohammedu Buhari may be the best President we have ever had in Nigeria since after the independence.

* President Buhari has always been after the welfare of the people of this great country Nigeria by tackling the countries worst issues like agriculture. Buhari came into power and found out that our agricultural status is so bad to the extent that we depend heavily on imported and intercontinental foods, while there are countries that take agriculture (Farming) as there major source of income. Buhari saw that if we continue this way, then there is high risk of famine coming upon this country in future. So he advised Nigerians to embrace farming once again by locking down the nation's borders, thereby not allowing the importation of food stuffs, so that we can be able to work hard to feed our nation, not depending on other countries effort. Today this one action the president took has really helped us because, things would have been more worst for us during this coronavirus pandemic as the whole world lockdown it borders and we would have been left to suffer and die of hunger.

* Issue of insecurity. This issue of insecurity had been the number one agenda of the President Buhari's administration. Insecurity has been among the major problem of this our country. But the Buhari's administration came and said that he will tackle the issues of insecurity which he did. Today we now go to crowded places with our minds at rest, on like before when you will be afraid of Bomb blast, terrorist attack and lot more. But today there are no more issues of bombing and the armed forces has taken the fight against Boko Haram terrorist group to another level, they have pursued them out of hiding to neighboring countries to the extent they are now beging for pardon. Even at this the President made us happy by telling the field chiefs in their recent meeting, that their very best is not enough, instead of taping them in the back for trying at all. This very action alone showed us that he meant well for us.

* Knowing that their is no job opportunity in the country and that we had many graduates that had nothing to do. Buhari instituted ways to help our youths to at least have what to do and earn some income. An example of that is the creating of the N-Power programme, where our unemployed graduates can apply and be receiving some income from the government for two years. Even the statement made by the President years ago that: "Nigerian youths are lazy", was meant to push and motivate us to work harder. So there are many reasons that when you recall it shows you that President Buhari may be the best president we ever had in Nigeria after the independence.

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