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"The nature of a fault finder"

Kalufortune11 2d

"Those who look for fault are faulty too."_wp

"Critics talk more of what they don't know and talk less of what they know."

It is very easy to be judgemental than to be considerate, everyone will pass their own judgement without looking at their own lives.

As we see the progress of another, do we envy them or jealous them?

Complaining about what they can't do instead of complimenting what they can do.

Critics go about looking perfect but they can be excellent.

People can be indifferent but they can still love.

Critically analysing it, we all are not perfect but we still put up wist peace.

It is a thing that comes from within the soul, everyman has it but they just ignore it, peace be still not piece of steel will make us better.

If there is no peace within the mind and no peace in the society, we can't have a peaceable community.

Let us work for peace, talk in peace not talk again.

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