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Why Is the Whole World Afraid of America Military?

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In the modern world, fear is an important tool or instrument militaries, governments, organizations and people around the world use to control one another. The word Fear here denotes anything and everything that can hinder the peaceful and harmonious living of people in the society including their economic prosperity.

There is an old saying that "Fear is the beginning of wisdom." This shows how important fear is in our daily lives to maintain a healthy living in society. That is why the early dictators around the world adopted all kinds of measures to maintain fear among people. Once you are afraid of someone or something, it will be difficult for you to challenge the person. Therefore, people keep fighting everyday in various way to surmount their fear in life.

Since fear lives in people everyday, then the whole world must be living in fear. There is daily fear of hunger, insecurity, kidnapping, robbery, misery, poverty, amongst others. These are some of the things that people are working everyday to surpass and surmount. Given the above scenario, can fear also exist among nations? That is, does nations around the world fear or afraid of each other.

Well, it is believed that everyone in the world is afraid of something. People are afraid of each other likewise nations are afraid of each other. There is an existence of much terror in the world that can trigger daily fear among the people and nations including almighty America Army. Therefore, nations around the world are scared of each other. But the question further remains, given the superiority of America in almost everything including her Military, does America Army scares nations around the world in term of warfare. That is, does the whole world afraid of almighty American Military?

I will try to provide justice to the above question in my subsequent article. Before that, I will like to hear the views of my readers.

Do you guys think the whole world is afraid of great American Military with their modern and lethal weapons? Share you thoughts below and follow my page for my subsequent article to the question "does the whole world afraid of America Army?"

Thank you.

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