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10 Simple Things to Do to Make Your Relationship and Marriage Stronger

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Relationships are far more than mere mutual attraction and related or common interests. Over time, we tend to forget the little things that are needed to spice up the relationship and keep it strong and safe. Small misunderstandings may go as far as breakups are concerned. Making small changes will help the relationship last a long time. Here are a few tips to help you spice up your relationship and make it happen.

1.Accept: None of us are perfect. The first pre-requisite for a long-lasting relationship is to accept your partner unconditionally with all characters, qualities, flaws and behaviours. This should be mutual, in order to avoid conflict in the first place and, furthermore, to help one another to better understand each other in any situation.

2.Communicate: Chat and figure out problems if you have any difficulties in your relationship. Instead of being glued to your mobile all day, you can chat and connect with your friend. Talk about the day of each other, listen carefully when your partner speaks and responds. Good communication is important to maintain a safe and positive relationship.

3.Be Honest: To be frank and to share your thoughts and feelings is very important for a healthy relationship. Suppressing and embellishing your emotions to stop battling at the moment would just make them grow heavy and nasty. Later, the explosion would be terrifying. Being transparent and truthful in a partnership decreases conflict and improves it.

4.Let Go and Compromise: Relationships sometimes become more important than Ego. This is when you need to realize that things may not happen the way we plan each time, and that we may have to compromise on other issues. In particular, when there is no use in fighting issues that can not be resolved, it is better to let go and move on. This will save relationships a lot of time.

5..Laughing together: and according to Psychology, partnerships last longer when spouses recall and share amusing experiences or humorous events together. It makes the relationship healthier, making the environment lighter, particularly during heated fights that tend to get out of control. Humor helps them forget the whole thing and joke with their beloved one.

6.Spend quality time together: talk to each other, go out, eat, watch movies together, and spend quality time with each other. Spend as much time as possible with each other and use free time for exercise, entertainment and leisure. It will make the relationship deeper and last longer.

7.Trust one another: trust is a crucial factor in the development of every partnership. It is important to have physical and emotional confidence in your partner. Don't always blame or accuse them for their conduct or acts. It can not be that easy to trust, if broken once; however, over time, learn to find other ways to restore the trust so that the relationship can last longer.

8.Commitment: It is necessary to take positive steps and to behave appropriately, thinking about the future and the health of your relationship. Respect each other's space and energy, complement each other and encourage each other in difficult times. Goals are easier to achieve together with commitment.

9.Say Sorry and Thanks: No matter how close you might be to your partner, little things like saying thank you and sorry makes your partner happy. This is a simple way to express that you care for and value their emotions. This helps the relationship to be stronger and healthier.

10.Be Romantic: remember the special days of each other. Surprise each other with roses, gifts and prepare a romantic evening or holiday!! Do something special to spice up your life of love.

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