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How I lost my girlfriend to a Bible study coordinator

Fairdance 2d

A heart break could make you write a book and as you can see, you are about to read mine.

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Back in the year 2012, I got admission into one of the most popular institutions in Nigeria, Nasarawa State Polytechnic Lafia. I have never been to such an environment before and so I found it a bit hard even when I had a cousin who was my roommate. I have been a "home boy" all my life, never allowed to go out exception of my going and returning back from school. I never had friends, I was made to believe every child around could be involved with cult activities so I had problem of association as well, I was completely shy and had low self-esteem which I believe it's due to the way I was brought up.

However, being a state away from home and everyone who I thought had control over me gave me lots of joy. Even though i struggled to get use to being in front of course mates who I thought were always staring at me, the freedom always made me wish never to go back home in a way.

Two weeks passed by and my cousin was really surprise I have managed to settle as I could navigate my way around the school all by myself as it took him months before he knew the lecture halls. I was really focused, always reading the bits of jotting as i had no distractions of any sort. I had no friends to visit and always punctual to classes. Life was straight forward until one morning, after our lecture got disrupted as another class was supposed to hold at the very venue, we all stood outside waiting for the lecturers to sought themselves out. As usual I stood isolated from the rest, leaning against a wall when a slim fair guy approached me humbly. According to him he was knew in class and needed someone to update him about happenings with regards to test and assignments on would. It was no big deal for me as I quickly told him all I could, gave him some notes to coppy afterwards and some assignments questions to quickly fix and submit to the class rep. He was thankful and introduced himself as Victor. We really got along as I tried to carry him along as well and after school, he asked I know where he stays. Life was really changing.

My relationship with Victor waxed on and grew strong I was becoming a little popular in class as well. We were tagged Aki and Pawpaw and were happy about it. Soon we observed one of our mates who was always answering questions in class was a loner and as i was on a silent quest for good grades unlike my friend who on a quest for ladies, i thought with Victor it will be nice if we draw him close to us and we did, Sule was our number three. In comparison, Victor was a womanizer who knew all the theories about women and all the skills to make them fall and he rather sometimes chose to devote his time trying to make a catch while academics stuff went on. Sule on the other hand loved women and had a girl too but was always on track with studies. I was the kid amongst us, I could barely stand the stare of a girl talk more of asking a lady out. My friends always made delicious calls with their girls and this began to make me feel empty and the idiots always made jest of it as they began to study me well.

Until one day I summoned courage to tell Sule I have seen a girl I fancied and would love him to help me out. I chose Sule to avoid Victor who wouldn't care to talk about it in front of my cousin, Sule was more understanding. However, along the line Sule said I had to do it for myself too but however the whole thing was a failure as I couldn't even say relevant words in front of Judith, the girl. I was really laughed at by my friends but we carried on and forgot about the whole event but not until one day again, i noticed a dark chubby lady among a group after classes. We were many in our set and I never noticed her but however Victor and Sule were quit familiar with her. I made secretly three of us walk towards her one afternoon after an evening class and that's how it all started with me and Phuka, her name. Our attraction and attention for each other grew as even Victor began to notice it. This idiot asked if I was interested in her but I quickly denied but however he knew the true answer, he was aware of Phuka's feelings for me as well as he once confronted her on 2go chat. Victor was rugged and decided to make both of us date wether we admit or not. Phuka who was at that period heart broken after her first school guy dumped her had no objection and...we started dating, were together. We were really happy, quite a good number of students in closer departments knew about us. We were tagged Romeo and Juliet and we loved it.

My sisters who couldn't believe I can have a girl accepted Phuka without meeting her though. My 2go posts were always all about us, I loved Phuks so much that I thought sex was an evil thing to do to her, wouldn't subject her to such stress or pain, I barely understood what sex was though. Although we often made love which wasn't rather more of hardcore sex as I was a novice. she was my first love and our relationship was a year and two months, marriage was in sight as we both visualized always. These however began to make Victor worry, started warning me about what he perceived would happen if I don't sleep with her and free myself from the love which was in my head or slow down with my love for her. Told him I've slept with, however dude wasn't convinced as according to him he hasn't seen the effect of it on Phuka. He kept warning and talking but his advise fell on deaf ears and he decided to hands off. Well, Phuka was a hardcore church girl and I concluded she wouldn't have a bad thought of breaking my heart or cheating on me. She always carried me along to the fellowship which I also became part of, to prove to her i wasn't...bad but different from other guys. Sule on the other hand had his own problem with his girl and rarely spoke but however gave his own advice which is to be a wise guy.

However, we were two weeks away from resumption after four months of our SIWES industrial program when one evening after a hard days job as I was a satellite dish installer, i decided to chat a little on WhatsApp with her. She annoyed me a day before by resuming to school without letting me know or telling me why she had to come back so early. I had no intentions of prolonging the issue and decided to give in for peace. However, she rather gave silly responses each time I asked her a question, it was as if she wasn't interested at all. Finally she sent a message, one of the greatest shocks of my life till now, she wanted out of the relationship, she wanted to walk with Jesus. Started narrating every lovemaking stuff we did while in school which is not ready to do anymore and how she attended discipleship program which has changed her, however we could still be friends and talk nicely anytime we see. I could barely say a word as I was dumbfounded, Phuka was going to be out of my life forever? I could only beg her to hold on till we resume.

Finally I was back in school as well, with the the thought of Victor being right and Sule being disappointed as well, I made for school the next day to have a chance to speak with Phuka. She appeared to be really happy and okay and with the meaningless look she gave me, I thought I was in for it. We sat on a corridor a distance away and for a while without saying anything to each other, I prayed she just tell me it was all a joke. She excused to see friend of hers nearby and as i noticed the Tecno M3 i bought brand new and gave to her (the first batch of Android phones that came) was in her hand, I asked her for it so I could keep it lively while waiting for her, well that was suicide though.

As I pressed the power as normal to go through an app but first, the home screen of the phone left me wondering, I noticed two WhatsApp shortcuts of quite a mature man looking a little bit rich, whom his picture was also the wallpaper, could it be one of her high ranking church member?, Well I entered the gallery to see pictures from home. Confused again, pictures of the same guy I saw his WhatsApp shortcuts fill the gallery. Pictures of him at a building site (he was a tiler), at his house, everywhere. I decided to check her WhatsApp and text messages but had to stop as I was about to scream. The call log drew a whole conclusion as Ab, Abraham and Abraham2 dominated the green, blue and red arrows. That's when she returned.

I quietly asked to know who Abraham was but the reply I got was that " Foster, so you went through my phone". Well the phone I bought. I asked if this guy is the Jesus she said she wants to walk with sternly but no reply came out. She asked we go to her house and discuss which I agreed, on the way she kept trying to let me know her stance and as well tell me how nice the guy has been. How he was there with her when I chose to travel home quickly, how he took her out on a date to Evergreen, the things he bought there and most of all how Christlike he was. She compared what i bring back from home for her after holidays with what the dude brings. She had the guts to tell me how the guy fixes tiles and earns like N50,000. To crown it off the guy was a God fearing person more than I was, at this point I lost control. I snatched her phone from her and told her I was going to call Abraham and tell him to stay off or better still tell him how he has come to ruin a relationship I suffered so much to build. "Don't you dare" was what came out from her mouth. It was a clear indication, I decided to beg rather but the talk of repenting and giving her life back to Christ and telling me what our relationship has caused her and how Abraham is a man who wouldn't even attempt to kiss her made me feel I lost it. How did I become such an enemy or someone to avoid within the twinkle of an eye?. I handed her phone back to her and walked off with a sharp pain in my spine while she there watching.

I could not bend or walk that evening, my cousin had to support me while I walk up to a chemist, I simply lied to them I had an accident while on bike. Sule and Victor blamed me for my misfortune when they found out as I hid it from them for weeks. They however swore never to speak to Phuka or let her near me ever again,not even a pleasantry . The situation affected my exams as I only managed to get myself together with Phuka always posting pics of them together on WhatsApp and coming to fellowship together. With her influence as an official, Abraham became our Bible study coordinator as well. After months I blocked her off but however could not stop seeing her as she was our class rep's roommate. Although she later came back to ask for forgiveness, tried to make me notice her wherever but things remained tensed between us until we graduated.

I am Fairdance and and this is my first time love story.

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