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A whopping Sixteen billion Naira cash found with Hushpupppi, as Police release videos of HIS ARREST

SheyiTobi 06/26/2020

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A whopping Sixteen billion Naira cash found with Hushpupppi, as Police release videos of HIS ARREST

By now, the story of the arrest of the Nigerian instagram and Dubai based starboy, Hushpuppi, whose real name is Raymond Abbas, age 38 years, by the police in Dubai, the United Arab Emirate is no longer news.

Hushpuppi, who was arrested on the 10th of June, 2020, has kept Nigerians talking and people questioning the sources of wealth majority of our youths and citizens flaunt on social media, but what is news about the arrest of Hushpuppi is what happened at the point of his arrest.

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The Police in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, yesterday revealed in the videos that was released by the security organization, that a whopping sixteen billion Naira(N16b) cash, belonging to Hushpuppi was found at the point of his arrest.

It was also revealed in the video that, Hushpuppi has defrauded over 1.9 million people, making a whopping 1.6 billion Dirhams(a whole 168 billion Naira) from his dubious activities and rendering lives useless and even death.

Over 1.9 million Innocent and unsuspected people defrauded of their hard earned 168 billion Naira, that means, Hushpuppi has destroyed billions of lives, because, majority of these people would have had their dreams crushed before their eyes, which could have led them into depression, sickness; like stroke and even death!

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The likes of Hushpuppi, are those that lead our youths astray, as they tend to emulate their lifestyles. Hushpuppi and his cohorts also made the efforts of the hard working and deligent Nigerians youths seems fruitless as they constantly flaunting ill gotten wealth on social media claiming it was acquired through God's favour and grace.

The actions of Hushpuppi and his cohorts would have drastic and negative effects on Nigerians that are doing legit works, and have intentions of travelling to the United Arab Emirates' city, Dubai or any foreign country, as countries would now enforce stringent migration laws against visitors from Nigeria.

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The Hushpuppi story is a reflection of the dilapidated state of our society, as we all careless about the source of wealth of our supposed role models, even our celebrities and public figures, publicly display their friendship and association with these dubious individuals, but unknown to these celebrities, such association give some sort of credibility to these people.

Hushpuppi is well known on instagram with over two million followers, as he is always showing off his expensive lifestyle.

What is your opinion about this huge amount found with Hushpuppi at the point of his arrest?

What do you think fate of the Nigerians that would want to visit other countries now as our already damaged image abroad is again dealt another blow by Hushpuppi's actions?

Drop your comments below, let's talk.

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Top Comments
BrightOnyeroni · 06/26/2020
free money you should have invested in Nigeria to back up your source of income you prefer to behave like a baby
BrightOnyeroni · 06/26/2020
lessons to all scammer that show off their lives on net
BrightOnyeroni · 06/26/2020
hide yourself no help people no, who he helped apart from ashawo girls
+234-08121***** · 06/26/2020
Jeremiah 17:11 says, He that got money not in right means, will leave in the midst if his day, and at the end he will become a fool. The most annoying part of this thief is that,he has pit Nigeria on the map of fraudstar again. He has disgrace Nigeria again with his dubious lifestyle. He should be send 155 years in prison.

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