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Guys are the reason why girls double date in a relationship (Opinion)

VickyGblog 06/29/2020

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Guys are the reasons why most girls double date in a relationship. most of them are not trustworthy and might end up leaving the girl who stood by them when they have nothing, when they are ready to settle down.

Some times after getting money and ready to marry, they abandon them and go for other girls who they might consider more classic and better to their old partner. these are some of the reasons why girls double date.

Gone are the days when two couples go into a relationship and ends up getting married at the end. things has changed and most guys have used this to their advantages. 

     Girls should be allowed to date as many guys as they want when they are single. this will allow them study whoever they can live with and also avoid disappointment.

   Unlike guys, girls have limited period before getting married. We have seen cases of girls who are loyal in a relationship for years, and after so many years they ended up being left by their partners.

    This has happened to alot of ladies and the only way this can be out to stop is by ladies dating whoever they want and at the end Marry the one who is ready to settle down.

    I have read different posts and I have seen that in most relationships, the guys are the ones who usually ends it without any reasonable excuse.

    Alot of girls has become victims of heart breaks, after showering their love on their partners. What do you think about this.

    So do you agree that guys are the reasons why girls double date in a relationship. and should guys Allow their partner double date if they are not ready to marry?

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Mr.Oreo · 06/30/2020
Writing in nonsense.

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