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Top Clubs In The World And Their Types Of Fans Characters

Universerjobs 06/29/2020

When we are taking about football today what really makes it interesting is their Fans.

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Each clubs have the have their own ways and pattern they use in playing their games to overcome their rivals.

Here I'm going to discuss few among those clubs and according to my research I will be naming each club and the type of fans that will likely role with them


 I tweeted that I didn’t like seeing Chelsea win and one Chelsea Fan replied “you should just Die” on top normal Bants oo. See I’ve lost strength to argue with bitter people on here not now that I’m making money. So anything you say you’re right.

I think they have the highest percentage of thugs.

Manchester city

Manchester City supporters are recognised for their loyalty, and in 2007 had the longest-supporting fans in the Premier League. City supporters have been described as being able to "revel in adversity" – evidenced in average match attendances increasing as the club fell to the second, and then third tier of English football for the only time in the club's history 


Arsenal's fans have often been referred to as Gooners, a derivation from the team's nickname, the "Gunners".

Atleast you know what Gun means to my own research they act physically friendly in other to get more friends but don't forget gun because they have that too inside them.

Manchester united

As a little trivia to all readers and die hardUnited fans, Manchester United are not the only ones called 'The Red Devils'.

man united fans don't accept defeat even if you cut their head off they won't accept... It better you stay far from them before your argument turns to red devils.


FC Barcelona supporters are called “culés”; the word means “ass” in Catalan. According to the legend, during the twenties in the former Stadium in Les Corts, passerbys could see the bum of supporters sat in the highest row of the stadium.

Barcelona fans would always make sure they blow ur Ass off the pitch before any argument.

They act like professionals.

Real Madrid

most frustrating things for Real Madrid supporters at the moment. ... If the club are serious about fighting for the title they indicate it on the pitch.

They pass judgement on their own, even right on the pitch, Muhammad salah and Messi can answer that... They don't hide their feeling.

Thanks for taking you time....

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