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Covid19: Inter State Travel; A Disaster About to Occur in Nigeria.

absim 06/29/2020

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The Federal Government of Nigeria today, the 29th June, 2020, lift The ban on inter state travel after locking the country for about four months as a result of the spread of the nouveau corona virus. Despite the lockdown the virus has continue to spread with the total number now 24,567, before the lockdown the number of cases was lower than this.

Its obvious that many people are already infected during the ban on inter state travel and federal and States government have not be able to test many people as possible, with the lifting of the ban on interstate travel it is also obvious that the number of cases will increase beyond reasonable doubt which may even turn Nigeria into the epicenter of the Virus. Though the masses are complaining about the lockdown since its a new way of life and has stop everything from moving as normal. However we can't risk the life of many meaning Nigerians.

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Federal and States government must really give this a second thought in order to protect Nigerians from this pandemic If not the number of cases will triple within the next few weeks.

Also, the country's health system is not good enough to cater for such a disaster that is about to befall the nation, if this interstate travel is not well managed.

For those that think that the Virus is not as serious as described, people are dying from the virus as we see recently with some leaders of the country got infected and even died.

What is your thought on this lifting of ban on inter state travel by the federal government.

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Top Comments
GUEST_Nmvn5KDXr · 06/30/2020
you masses are the problem
JohnnyIkeyoebe · 06/30/2020
No disaster will come again but if it must come it will start from your family rubbish

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