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Do You Have A Damaged Skin As A Result of Bleaching? Use this and thank me later

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Alot of ladies face discrimination everyday because of their bleaching gone wrong. But not to worry,I've got you covered.

In this article,I'll be showing you how to make a soap that'll even out your skin tone and clear trace of bleaching. Before we proceed, kindly click on the follow button above to get more articles from us.

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Now,back to the topic. This black soap mix helps even out the skin,clears imperfections,add more glow to the skin and more importantly,clears traces of bleaching in the skin. Here's how to make the black soap;


2 molds of Ghana black soap

3 tbspns of Shea butter

3 tbspns of Turmeric Powder

2 tbspns of Arrowroot Powder

1 tbspn of Neem Powder

1 tbspn of Oat Powder

½ tbspn of Vit E

40ml Lemon Juice

50ml Honey

2 tbspns of Coconut oil


Mix all Ingredients together and scoop in your container


Should be used twice a day especially at night.

Apply all over your body and leave for 15mins before washing off.

You'll see visible results as early as two weeks of usage.

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