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The pains of losing a baby

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It is always heart breaking to lose your loved ones especially a baby. Life itself is mysterious. No one can predict the future but we shall always pray for God's love and care and for healthy and long live.

A family who has been waiting on God's time for the gift of a child finally got one after five years of childlessness.

This child has been taken good care of by the parents and relatives. The entire household shower this baby with love.

Unfortunately, this baby had a brief illness that claimed the baby's life.

Now the family has gone back to childlessness again. The family has refused to be consoled. The father would always bring the baby stuffs and start playing with them as though it was his baby's.

May God help every family especially those affected homes and may He console their family with the arrival of another baby.

The beauty of a family is the present of a child. A man and his wife may not be in good View pictures in App save up to 80% data. terms such that such man will always stay late from work but with the help of a child in the house, both husband and wife will always see reasons to laugh around.

Truly, children are blessings from God and therefore, every home deserve to have theirs.

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GUEST_y7Zyqxj89 · 07/16/2020
eish so painful
+233-55612**** · 07/2/2020
hmmm very painful

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