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President Buhari, Tinubu and Their 2023 Political Strategies

Kufreboy 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. With evidence that the 2023 election his fast approaching, Politically, as the leader of the APC family, President Buhari should endorse a successor before leaving office in 2023, but with their current crisis, it looks like Buhari may not support any preferred candidate and the north may likely retain power again.

which means that, if Ahmad Tinubu's who his alleged of being interested in the presidential seat is not satisfied with 2023 to calculation, may decide to stage a break up in the party, because he is still very influential in most of the APC state, especially Lagos and even South-West zone at large. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

In order for him to achieve his ambition, that's if he decides to contest, I believe that some of his loyalists who have benefited from his kind gesture will want to reciprocate, by following him to anywhere he goes, which may lead to massive defection from the broom party.

And If Tinubu is allowed to cross carpet. to either join a new platform, which PDP may be an alternative, all he will need his some bloc vote from the south-south, South East and few north to add it up with his region, and with this, he will defeat any candidate that will be presented by any zone.

My question his, after supporting orders to get to the top, do you think tinubu will not want to benefit from the party also?

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