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Doctor advise Nigerians to take one teaspoon of salt a day to avoid kidney problems

Melanie 06/25/2020

The kidney is a delicate organ in the human body, most people have no knowledge or idea of how to take care of their kidneys to avoid dangerous kidney problems.

To protect your kidneys from problems, people need to be careful on the kind of things they eat or drink.

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A Nigerian doctor identified as Aproko Doctor on Twitter took to his Twitter account to share some tips on how to avoid kidney problems which include not taking more than a teaspoon of salt in a day.

In his words, the Nigerian doctor said "These are kidney stones, they can block urine, which can lead to kidney problems, how do you prevent them from forming...."

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Personally, I believe that it is very hard for people to adapt to the usage of one teaspoon of salt per day because we use salt in most of our food which include rice, stew, beans and many more.

What is your opinion on this?

Kindly drop your opinions in the comment section below and please share to your family and friends.

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Top Comments
+234-806008**** · 06/26/2020
I personally will not follow your instructions,salt is not all that good in the body and now you are telling us to use one spoonful of it everyday,is it not too much?. Haba
HonourAmos · 06/26/2020
nawao, people will not read befor crucifying. If salt was not Good God woudnt created it. excess salt is bad. If the Dr said one teaspoon a day, it's not bad. teaspoon is different from normal spoon mbok
+234-803368**** · 06/25/2020
useless doctor
FaithMaryOleru · 06/25/2020
high BP

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