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COVID-19: Why social distancing won’t work for Nigerian women

SpecialYomi 06/29/2020

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An African woman is held responsible by religion for all domestic chores, and saying no to your spouse is not allowed, says Nigerian women

Social distancing is now a catchword as the world struggles with ways to handle the corona virus outbreak.

Social distancing is a preventive measure taken to cub the spread of the deadly virus. It is required to maintain  physical distance with people and lessen the number of times they come in close contact with each other.

WHO) World Health Organization suggests that a distance of three feet(one metre) should be kept between each other other and avoid large garthering.

Abiding by the definition, one is marveled by how African women adhere to these recommendations considering the roles they play in the society.

There is virtually no institution to watch over the elderly and children with special needs in Africa. The responsibility of taking care of them is on the women.

They do not only look after the young ones at home and bathe them, they also look after their husbands and the elderly ones in the family.

At the same time that culture and beliefs hold women for the responsibility of domestic chores, some still go out to work.

Regardless of how absurd it may sound, we cannot but wonder how a nursing mother will keep distance from her child. Social distancing can also not be obeyed by rural women because they lack the knowledge and information of the dangers of getting the deadly coronavirus.

I have noticed that even when the information is delivered to them, Social distance can never be totally observed since they leave in slums with family of eight sharing a room, while for some the one room could also be a combination of living room, store and kitchen.

So therefore, it is unreasonable that social distancing  could be enforced here.

How about women stuck with men with the mentality that coronavirus is a scam by the government to lavish public funds, or that coronavirus is a third world war  and a supremacy fight between China and United States.

Source: opera.com
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