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Dissolved APC NWC; 2 Things That May Happen To Oshiomhole If He Dares Buhari

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Following the dissolution of the National Working Committee by the National Executive Committee in a meeting presided over by President Buhari, the Pro Oshiomhole faction is threatening to take legal action, saying the dissolution of the National Working Committee is illegal.

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Oshiomhole should distance himself from the statement credited to the dissolved NWC members loyal to him and toll the path of the Spokesman of the dissolved NWC who has praised the moved by President Buhari in a bid to salvaging the dwindling fortunes of the party.

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If Oshiomhole dares challenge the dissolution of the NWC by President Buhari, this two things may befall him;

1. Oshiomhole may be permanently expel from the APC. This will definitely mark the end of his already dented political career.

Expelling him from the party means his premature retirement from active politics.

But if he toll the path of peace and align himself with every move of the President, he will definitely be compensated with a juicy appointment in no time.

2. President Buhari loyalists may come after him with corruption allegations.

The panel of inquiry findings setup by Gov. Obaseki that indicted him, will be amplified and the EFCC may come after him.

Oshiomhole should accept his fate and move on. He should be a party man and align himself with every move taken by President Buhari and the party.

What do you think?

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Top Comments
MikeObumseli · 06/26/2020
What dent is Image?He stood for the party,I encourage him to move on,He has done his best.Tomorrow is pregnant
MuhammadTakuma · 06/26/2020
But he has always been fighter that fights to the end. Just keep your fingers crossed.
ImaimaObong · 06/26/2020
Correct. May God give him d Grace to carry on.
AnslemObabokor · 06/26/2020
very frank advise if he doesn't tow the part of honour by adhering to the party directives , then the outcome will be better imagined .

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