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This River In The Federal University Of Technology Owerri Swallow Students Yearly (See Photos)

Crowdnews 06/26/2020

This River In The Federal University Of Technology Owerri Swallow Students Yearly (See Photos)

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Many Nigerians may not have heard of the Otammiri river which is located in Imo State, the river runs through the Federal University of Technology Owerri, FUTO.

What you might not know is that, this river has been known to be very dangerous due to the fact that it swallows students and workers on a yearly basis.

Even with all these evil characteristics, the Otamiri River is one of the main rivers in Imo State, Nigeria. This river runs south from Egbu past Owerri and through Nekede, Eziobodo, Ihiagwa, Mgbirichi, Olokwu Umuisi and Umuagwo to Ozuzu in Etche, which is located in Rivers State, from where it flows to the Atlantic Ocean.

The name Otamiri comes from Ota Miri, who is a deity that owns all the waters that are called by his name, and who is often the dominating god of Mbari houses.

See photos of Otamiri from IMO state below

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Over the years, there has been numerous mysteries surrounding the existence of this river. People who are always victims of drowning are those who are unaware of previous stories about the river.

This is why freshers to the university are advised to stay off this site which has been known to swallow students yearly and regularly.

Have you ever been to the Otamiri river? Let us know your experience with this river.

We pray for the souls of those who have lost their lives due to the wrath of these mysterious waters.

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Top Comments
PeterChikaodiliOyoke · 06/26/2020
having known that students drown in River yearly, what would make any sensible student to step on it in the first place
byceemaritime · 07/6/2020
I grew up in owerri.Otamiri is a very unique river. Very attractive and dangerously innocent in appearance. Visitors are easily lured by these calm looks of the river that they carelessly step inside either to splash water, fetch water, wash clothes, cars bath etc. But the mystery is that the river can suddenly sweep off someone standing strongly inside it without any rushing waves or noise. Silently someone is swept off and once this happens victim can't be rescued alive. The safety measure with otamiri is if u enter at all stay a few seconds and leave.
OluebubeNwagbo · 06/30/2020
If u are a stranger , pls behave like one,don't go to other people's village and behave like u owns the place,Some stupid people will still be going there to bath as if they don't have water in their bathroom, All in the name of smartness.
Emelson · 06/28/2020
Very wicked River. One day we were bathing in it when I was a student of FedPoNek and suddenly a very huge Pyton jumped up to 30m above and summersulted down to the River again. We all ran away with great fear.

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