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Building Collapses in Umuahia, Abia State

MhizSarahUnoke 06/26/2020

A three storey residential building has collapsed in Umuahia, the Abia State capital.

This happened at No 86 Nkwere Street, Off Umuchi Road in Umuahia North LGA.

Although no life was lost, the occupants have reported that they had lost huge amount of valuables due to the fall of the buiding and has also left many stranded, handicapped and homeless.

People who talked about the fall of the building blamed the contractor for using poor and substandard materials for building the apartment.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Some of the occupants also noted that they noticed some cracks on the wall of the building 24 hours before the fall of the building but didn't see it as a major problem and went about their normal activities.

According to one of the occupants, when they woke up the next morning they noticed that the pillar had some cracks while the iron used in erecting the pillar had already bent.

The tenant added that due to the faultiness of the the pillar they had to go round the building which they discovered that some parts had started carving into the ground.

The tenant said they were alarmed and immediately the began moving some of their valuable properties outside their flats.

According to him some tenants were unable to move all their properties before the collapsing of the building.

He said even though the situation has left them homeless they were still grateful to God that no lives were lost.

He appealed to the state government to see to their aids as they now face uncertainty of funds to rent a new apartment in the face of the ongoing pandemic

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
ChiomaSolomon · 06/27/2020
thank God
NkechiLucia · 06/27/2020
God is wonderful
+234-708173**** · 06/27/2020
Houses have been collapsing in Lagos, Ibandan, Anambara ,Imo Akwaibom and other places, killing the occupants and wounding some, but this fool commented that "houses can only collapse in Abia. Because they like to cut corner n cheap stuff."people are always ready to project Igbo in bad light whenever any thing happened or any one of Igbo tribe did any thing wrong ,immediately they will generalized it. How many times has building collapse in Abia? May be two occasions ,this one that just happened and the one caused by erosion at Abiriba for some years a go . But collapse of buildings in Lagos and Ibadan are quite common, to extent that the present governor has marked some buildings for demolition. It is wrong ,it is act of hatred for this fellow to say this. Be care full, before hatred consumed you. I give Glory to the Almighty God that no one died.
NorahOkoroafor · 06/27/2020
thank you very much my lord

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