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You Are Pregnant When You Notice These Signs

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You may initially understand that you're pregnant when you miss your period. That is a good time to take a pregnancy test or talk with your doctor. 

In early pregnancy, you may experience a few (or all, or even none) of the following symptoms: 

1. Aches and pains (possibly in your lower abdomen and in your joints) 

2. Morning sickness which might be sickness or genuine vomiting, and doesn't simply occur in the morning 

3. Constipation 

4. Food cravings and abhorrences 

5. Indigestion and heartburn 

6. A need to pee all the more regularly 

7. Back torment 

8. Tiredness 

9. Vaginal thrush 

10. Skin changes and itching, and possibly skin labels 

11. Hemorrhoids (otherwise called heaps) 

12. Leg cramps 

13. Restless legs (leg twitching around evening time) 

14. Varicose vein 

15. Expanding in your lower legs, feet and hands 

16. Dizziness or fainting 

17. Fatigue, or absence of energy 

18. Nasal issues, or shortness of breath 

19. Bigger, tender breasts. 

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