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Fixing The Nigerian Educational Sector: A Necessity for National Development.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Right from time Nigeria has always been known as a Nation inhabited by smart citizens from Philip Emeagwali who created the world's fastest computer to so many Nigerians spread throughout the world breaking waves in all aspects and all disciplines. It is no longer oblivious that many Nigerians out there are recognized for their level of expertise in their respective areas. Take for example Philip Emeagwali as stated earlier who studied abroad and became one of the greatest scientists of all time particularly the 35th-greatest African (and greatest African scientist) of all time as he was cited by Bill Clinton as an example of what Nigerians can achieve when given the opportunity due to his contributions in the area of computer science.

Also, According to data provided by Rice University in Texas, Nigerian - Americans are the most educated ethnic group in the United States. According to the Migrations Policy Institute, 29% of Nigerian - Americans have graduate degrees (compared to 11% of the overall American population). Furthermore, a minimum of four percent of Nigerian - Americans are also Ph.D. Holders. This is at least three times higher than any other ethnic group in the United States of America. Nigerian - Americans are also known for their contributions to medicine, science, technology, and literature. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Another example is our own very reputable economist, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who, although having her primary and secondary education in Nigeria, went abroad and after her studies, became one of the most educated and influential women to walk the earth.

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Other examples include Dr. Oby Ezekwesili and the Imafidons (currently regarded as the smartest family in the UK).

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We need to ask ourselves these questions: Why is it that Nigerians residing in countries apart from Nigeria are making it in their various educational disciplines, but as for those who reside in Nigeria most of us aren't really going far? Why is it that the educational system in our country is nowhere near the level of its foreign counterparts? Well, the answers to those questions are with us. I have thought about this issue time without number, and here are my suggestions on ways in which we can revitalize the education system of the government.

First of all, Corruption should be completely expunged from our Nation. The corrupt nature of our Country is very much appalling. The Corona virus has really shown our leaders that they stand to gain nothing by depending on other countries, instead of developing theirs. Let them rise and take the interest of the masses to heart, as without this, it won't be possible for other suggestions to be put in place. When I speak of corruption, I do not refer only to our leaders, but to each and every Nigerian, we all know the "Ghost worker" syndrome that is present in many governments established institutions - workers who do not exist but are paid salaries. We are also well-aware of teachers who do not teach their students, especially in public schools and would still receive their salaries at the end of the month. Each and every one of us should stop being corrupt, whether in form of cheating our customers, or in whatever way because as the adage says, what goes around comes around and whatever you do (whether positive or negative action) affects a lot of people around you.

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Also, Education should be made free and available to all. My suggestion is that primary and secondary education should be made free, while the tuition fee of the different universities should be taken care of by the government. However, the universities should be monitored so that they don't use this as an opportunity to extort money from the students. If the menace of corruption is effectively tackled in Nigeria, then, this won't appear to be so much of a problem. Nigeria is a very rich Nation, blessed beyond imagination. The problem is that the affluence isn't being managed by the right people.

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Furthermore, the Nigerian government should endeavor to recall its citizens residing abroad. I was taught and I also believe that part of the reasons for China's greatness today, take away this recent Coronavirus outbreak, is because they sent out individuals to various countries, SPONSORED THEIR EDUCATION, allowed them to gather a certain level of expertise, and then brought them back to use what they had learnt to develop the country, and now we all know China to be a Nation that is great in so many areas, not just in production. What am I trying to say? I'm not saying that Nigeria should depend on other educational systems. No, I'm saying that those who have already been educated abroad, should be appealed to by the Nigerian government to come and develop various areas of their Nation, particularly the Educational sector. If they see that their government is serious and ready to work with them, they might just hearken to the plea of the government.

In addition, the educational policy should focus on the holistic development of students, not just academic development. It should focus on developing all aspects of our lives, such as our human mind, emotional control, behaviour, interpersonal relationship, skills, abilities, and not just pen and paper learning. This is to ensure that we can even be on our own if we choose to, without depending on anyone for employment although it is the responsibility of the government to provide jobs for its citizens, and "that we pass through school and the school also passes through us", not that "we passed through school but the school did not pass through us", according to the Nigerian colloquial parlance.

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Teachers should be encouraged in their profession. Overseas, teachers are given a considerable level of honour but in Nigeria... Let me ask you how many children in Nigeria would love to be a teacher based on what he/she had seen. Teachers should be provided with a certain level of honour and respect, they should be given incentives to encourage them in their work of bringing up our young minds. According to the 2018 Global Teacher Status Index, the countries that most respect their teachers are China(THE SAME CHINA), Malaysia, and Taiwan; followed by Russia and Indonesia. Teachers in these countries are found to be highly respected and well-regarded. The teachers are paid handsomely in China and Malaysia, if you look at these countries you'll see that they pay a lot of attention towards their educational sector. Good and fine, on the news we hear this and that but aside from the news reports, can we say that we have truly seen any of those things planned in the budget or whatsoever being implemented?

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. According to ancient philosophers who propounded the theory "Cessante causa, cesat effectus" meaning "the causing ceasing the effects must cease". In light of the foregoing meaning, my suggestion is that a body comprising professional individuals should be created, having as it's main concern the causes of these loopholes in our educational sector, as well as the best ways to address those issues. The body can be under the Ministry of Education.

In conclusion, Children are the leaders of tomorrow. Based on that saying, If our Educational sector continues to remain like this, can we really say that Nigeria has a future? We need not be told that the retribution of a lack of proper education is gradually starting to dawn on us. Are we not witnessing the increased crime rate in the country? Tell me, how would youths who are properly educated decide to subject their fellow human to a traumatic experience such as rape? How would youths who are properly educated, resort to Cybercrime and fraud in order to fend for themselves? Tell me! how?!! It is high time we told ourselves the truth and what is this truth? It is the fact that the Nation needs to be reformed in most areas most especially the educational sector.

Let us all join hands and pray for our dear Nation, that God would revolutionize this Nation and take it to that great height where it's supposed to be, as he has the power to change all situations.

Have a blessed day. Thank you for your time.

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